Loans for liberal professions – who can apply for them?

Representatives of free professions can apply for a loan specially prepared for them. What conditions must be met to receive it? What privileges can you count on? And who belongs to the group of freelancers?


Loans for liberal professions – who belongs to this group?


To the group of liberal professions include, but are not limited to: doctor, lawyer, architect, notary, psychologist, accountant, etc. These are people with high qualifications and professional competences, the so-called professionals. This is a group of customers particularly favored by banks – in addition, it is still being expanded to include new professions. Currently on the list of so-called professionals in some banks, there are also nurses, IT specialists and funeral home owners.


Credit for doctors and other professionals – what conditions?

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Representatives of liberal professions can count on significant facilitation in obtaining a loan and much more attractive loan terms. Usually, all you need is your ID card, income statement, and proof of profession. In addition, the longer the client’s seniority, the more he presents himself as credible and solvent for the bank, so that credit for lawyers , doctors, IT specialists or other freelancers can be granted on even more attractive terms. And under what conditions can it be granted, including a loan for doctors ? The basic parameters of such a loan include: high loan amounts, long loan period, simplified procedures mentioned earlier, quick payment or minimum formalities. In addition to the basic parameters of credit for lawyers , doctors, etc., it has more advantages, such as: low interest rate, no need for property security, or the ability to sign a contract in a place convenient for the client.


Loan for lawyers – summary

Loan for lawyers - summary

Loans for liberal professions are characterized by particularly attractive conditions. Customers can count on a number of facilities, such as minimum formalities, simplified procedures, high amounts and a long loan period. It is a kind of privileged group and includes representatives of such professions as doctors, architects, psychologists and recently IT specialists. This list may vary from bank to bank, but it is still being expanded, so make sure that your bank counts our profession on its list.