What do you need to know about cash loans for companies?

Business development is often impossible without a cash loan. Of course, this depends on the industry and type of business, but most companies need extra money to provide basic work tools. They can be specialized devices or office equipment. Trading companies usually use loans to buy cars (not wanting to lease), products that they will sell further, or buy / rent a property where the office will be located. Sometimes credit is needed to expand into new services and products. However, each enterprise must meet the relevant conditions. These vary depending on the offer as well as the bank.

When to apply for a business cash loan?

When to apply for a business cash loan?

Enterprise budget planning is not an easy task and you often have to use cash loans for businesses. Sometimes it happens that a company needs an extra cash injection. However, can every entrepreneur receive it? What conditions must be met for this purpose? Cash loan offers for companies are proposed by most Polish banks. You can see advertisements for loans from various banks, whose rules are almost identical. However, the conditions that must be met are often different. In addition, each bank has different rules for creating contracts, hence later there may be significant differences in offers, regulations, and credit parameters. Comparing all this data is a time consuming and tiring process. There is also no guarantee that the best option will be chosen because there are unusually many bank proposals. It is worth using the help of intermediaries. This will prove to be support not only in choosing the best loan, but also will often mean much better credit conditions than those in the standard offers of the same banks. LLM Loans not only provides a comparison of all the best loans, but due to long cooperation with banks can negotiate personalized rules. The ones that you won’t find in official bank offers and ads.

A wide selection of cash loan offers for companies – choose the best option!

A wide selection of cash loan offers for companies - choose the best option!

The market for cash loan services for companies is very wide, which on the one hand is an advantage, but on the other hand it may hinder the selection of the best offer in the thicket of proposals. Also, accessing information on the procedures and conditions that must be met to apply for a cash loan for any purpose is not easy. In addition, if we get to such information, their quantity and complicated language can overwhelm us. Already at this stage it is worth considering whether the best solution for us would not be to use the help of an experienced broker who will guide us in credit nuances. Also at this stage we will receive information on whether and what the best cash loan we can count on, saving valuable time and effort.

The most important requirements and necessary documents

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Most often, to take out a cash loan for a company for any purpose, it must operate on the market for a minimum of a year. Sometimes some banks have been running loans for six months, but this can be subject to additional obligations. There are many things that can affect your decision to grant a loan. One of them is the current cooperation with the bank, turnover on the company account – a good solution is to register as many transactions as possible, which shows the company in a positive light. Often, banks can make their decisions already at the stage of account history. However, this applies to smaller loan amounts. Other important issues are – the loan amount and the purpose. Other important documents that should be completed before submitting the application are: entry into the National Court Register or CEIDG, NIP, REGON, financial documents, certificates from the Tax Office and ZUS. Some banks may also manage additional financial documents to be able to take out a cash loan for any purpose, but this is an individual matter.

Conditions for granting the loan

Conditions for granting the loan

Some banks have more stringent requirements to meet the conditions for taking a business loan. For some of them it will be important how long the company has been on the market, for others the company’s income will be more important. That is why it is often difficult to find so many offers with different requirements for potential borrowers. In addition, the loan category, which is a business loan, is only a general term. In fact, there are many more types of business loans. Often, the very purpose of the loan can make the conditions required to be met more or less. All the more valuable is the help of a professional company that deals with the subject of corporate loans and has been helping to obtain them for years. LLM Loans is a company with a long history, operating since 2001, hence it is so well-versed in the credit market and helps clients not only in choosing the offer, but also in negotiating individual conditions.

Specialist help

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Many business owners do not want to get extra help, making basic mistakes when taking out a loan. One of them, having a huge impact on whether the loan will be granted, is incorrectly completed application. It seems that all the data has been entered correctly, but sometimes applicants for credit forget about additional, extremely important information, or include in the application information that is not required and may prevent receiving a profitable offer. Another serious mistake is the lack of proper preparation. Both in terms of knowledge of offers and knowledge of the required documents or conditions that must be met. Sometimes it may be worth planning to take a loan after performing several actions that affect the bank’s verification.

A specialist who not only knows all the offers but also has the skills to negotiate loan terms effectively will help in these and other issues. At LLM Loans, we know the requirements of banks, we know how to complete documents and what information must be provided to the bank. On the LLM Credits website you can fill out a free application, thanks to which a credit analysis is carried out, which will show whether a given company meets the conditions and what offers it can receive. In the event that the requirements of the potential borrower cannot be met, the company will analyze other offers until it receives the appropriate effect – obtaining a favorable loan offer for companies.

The role of the Credit Information Bureau

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BIK is a Credit Information Bureau, banks verify credit history at BIK and, among other things, make decisions on granting a loan based on it. This is a very important verification step, because without proper knowledge, you can perform actions that will negatively affect the assessment of the history of BIK. A person who does not have information about how this information is collected, and which of them are of the greatest value, may unknowingly reduce creditworthiness. In some cases, even cause that the loan will not be granted. The multitude of inquiries is one of the factors badly affecting the history of BIK. The LLM Loans company knows how to adapt the history of BIK to influence the receipt of a favorable loan. That is why it is so important to support specialists before performing any actions.

How to prepare

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The first and most important step is to define the exact purpose of the loan. Without it, it will be difficult not only to choose the right offer, but it will also be difficult to determine the amount you want to borrow. After deciding on these two issues, you should think about how much money you can spend on a monthly basis and when you want to pay back the debt. In the case of corporate loans, be careful and do not take into account the most optimistic options, as this may prove fatal.

It is worth choosing lower installments than initially estimated, because you can never be sure whether after taking a loan and using the whole amount properly the business will bring the required income. In addition, it is good to keep in mind that credit is a long-term commitment, and a company may not earn enough every month. Therefore, the solution is to take a larger loan than you need – then there is always a financial reserve for repayment installments when finances do not allow it. Definitely lower installments are also security. A specialist who will advise on taking a loan may prioritize the possibility of early repayment or overpayment. In the months in which the company generates higher revenues, it will be possible to pay back larger amounts, and when the revenues are smaller, a small installment will not burden the company finances.


The conditions that an enterprise must meet to receive cash loans for companies are a very individual matter. It depends on many factors: the time of running the business, the company’s financial turnover, the purpose of the loan, as well as the bank – each has a number of own requirements that can differ significantly. The most convenient and at the same time the most cost-effective option for an entrepreneur is to use the services of professional intermediaries.

They have up-to-date knowledge of current offers, which allows them to choose a bank that will offer the best conditions with the company’s requirements. This allows you to reduce the time to apply for a loan, choose the best offer and facilitate the formalities that the broker deals with. Choosing the best loan for a company is associated with the need to analyze a lot of data and compare different offers. Therefore, it is best to use the support of specialists who have appropriate negotiating tools and who know the corporate loan market very well.

It is worth thinking about help before taking a loan, because independent action may turn out to be extremely unprofitable. Even a small difference in interest rates on large corporate loans often means huge losses for the company.