10 podcasts that make you want to catch up with your best friend

Suggested episode: No one tells Josh Gondelman the good gossip

Things that mama never told you

For a quick debrief, an in-depth movie review, or a multi-episode feature, tune into “Stuff Mom Never Told You,” a research-based podcast from iHeartRadio. Co-hosts Anney Reese and Samantha McVey tackle intersectional issues on a variety of topics, with ongoing episodes focusing on feminist films, fictional icons and happy hour debriefs, to name a few. . Although some of the episodes are more academic than others, Reese and McVey approach a variety of issues with sensitivity and vulnerability, talking about the topics in the context of their own lives. Regardless of the topic, their true friendship makes each episode feel like catching up with a close friend.

Suggested episode: The devoted girl

sad in the city

At this point, we all realize that adulthood is tough. In their new podcast, “Sad in the City,” co-hosts Taylor Tomlinson and Brianna Peters dive headfirst into adjusting to life on the road, dating struggles, mental health, apartment hunting and everything that goes with being a 20 year old trying to navigate life. Tomlinson, a comedian known for her Netflix specials “Quarter-Life Crisis” (2020) and “Look At You” (2022) is open about loneliness in a city like New York. Although she and Peters talk about their journey to making friends as adults in the Big Apple, Tomlinson admits, “You’re also watching me become friends with Brianna, which was about 30% of the reason why. which I started this podcast.

Suggested episode: Rawdoggin Life with Marissa Meizz

Jemele Hill is indifferent

Award-winning journalist and host Jemele Hill is the kind of podcast bestie you’re lucky to spend time with, honestly. She’s down to earth, funny and straightforward in everything she does, whether she’s breaking down last night’s game or talking about the reverberations of the speech “the slap”. Hill’s podcast also proves her real-life friend list is every bit as A+ as it gets – with guests on “Jemele Hill is Unbothered” ranging from actors Daniel Kaluuya and Kerry Washington to Snoop Dogg. Whatever cultural or political topic Hill and her guests tackle each week, you can be sure she’ll be able to ask the right questions.

Suggested episode: BIG SEAN – “Deep Bow”

We can do hard things with Glennon Doyle

Are you looking for a friend who knows exactly how to please you, it’s going to be OK in times when everything sucks? If his social media is any indication, Glennon Doyle is that friend of over 300,000 people on Twitter alone. She’s made a name for herself as an author and podcaster who knows what to say when self-care and compassion are particularly difficult. On his podcast, Doyle, along with his sister Amanda and soccer star wife Abby Wambach, promise to do “the one thing that has ever made life easier” – be honest and talk about the hard stuff. If you’re looking for a cathartic pick-me-up after a bad day (or a new bestie-slash-therapist), this one’s for you.

Suggested episode: Natalie Portman: How to know when to say YES

Palet soup

Do your ordinary “in-person” friends have a limit on what you can do on hockey? We have an antidote for you – get your non-stop hockey fix with ‘Puck Soup’, whenever and wherever you want. In this podcast, hockey experts Sean McIndoe of The Athletic and Ryan Lambert of EP Rinkside not only talk about important events in the world of hockey (and the fan culture surrounding it), but add some fun commentary on movies, TV and more. . Whether you’re looking to catch up on the latest sports news or just listen to fun dudes hanging out (and, occasionally, roasting each other), “Puck Soup” has you covered.

Suggested episode: The curse of the reverse puck soup

Crazy and Stupid Fangirls

Not really a fanboy? If you’d rather follow celebrity gossip than sports games, there’s a podcast for you, too. Hosted by YouTubers Elle Mills and Michelle Platti, “Crazy Stupid Fangirls” keeps listeners informed about “Old Disney drama,” reality TV, and everything in between. Guest stars range from a “High School Musical” alum to a former “Dance Moms” child star, and whatever the topic, you’re guaranteed to have a fun and juicy time. Whether you’ve never left your Bethany Mota phase or you’re still a DCOM kid at heart, this podcast will have you feeling like you’re at an epic college sleepover in all the best ways.

Suggested episode: “How scripted is reality TV really? with Courtney and Savannah of the Circle

Why don’t you want to go out with me?

Unabashedly raunchy and always hilarious, actress and comedian Nicole Byer explores the minefield of modern dating with a rotating lineup of special guests, including comedian Lil Rel Howery, drag queen Willow Pill and actor Penn Badgley. Whether it’s revisiting their Tinder profile, talking about one-night stands, or sharing past traumas, there’s something everyone can relate to (especially if you’re also trying to navigate the world of dating.) Even as she talks about her struggles with dating apps and beyond, Byer remains optimistic, oscillating between brutal honesty and dark humor as she regales her guests with stories.

Suggested episode: The 5 Languages ​​of Love (with Warren Burke)

Rose and Rosie, parental supervision

You know what’s a step above really, really close friends? Try two women who have been together for over 10 years (and married for seven.) Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are internet celebrity YouTubers who have been chronicling and joking about their lives online since their third date — so you’d do better believe they have a lot of dirt on each other. They also recently welcomed a child, who, spoiler alert, is also the subject of their latest podcast. In “Parental Guidance,” “the girls” (as they call themselves) approach parenthood from a wide variety of angles, with episodes on everything from the misadventures of finding a sperm donor to a in-depth description of the life of their child (marathon) birth.

Suggested episode: Lights, camera, contraction! Feat. Louise Pentland

The Weekly Planet

If you want to fall down a movie-themed rabbit hole, look no further. Co-hosts James Clement and Nick Mason bounce between movie reviews, celebrity gossip and fan theories while maintaining their friendly banter in each episode, ranging from a quick 20-minute chat to a thematic compilation of reviews. two-hour movies. Showcasing mostly action films, Clement and Mason particularly enjoy comic book adaptations and showcase movies from studios big and small. With new episodes every few days, there’s no shortage of comic book-themed content.

Suggested episode: Best movie and series spin-offs

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