10 ways Dexter has changed over the years (for better or for worse)


The exciting and suspenseful series about a serial killer was one of Showtime’s most popular TV shows. Based on the series of books written by Jeff Lindsay, the series ran from 2006 to 2013 and received mostly positive reviews from fans and critics. New relationships to changed visions of life, Dexter went through a lot of changes during his race.

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Fans of the original series will be able to experience more stories from the world of Dexter Morgan with the release of the highly anticipated revival of the series, Dexter: new blood, broadcast from November 2021.

ten Dexter fell in love (a few times)

Dexter Showtime Michael C. Hall Yvonne Strahovski

Throughout the series, Dexter became romantically involved with several women, including Lumen Pierce, Hannah McKay and Rita Bennett, whom he married in the last episode of Season 3. The beginning of the series saw Dexter come out. with Rita to sound normal. her entourage, but did not develop feelings for Rita until later.

After Rita was murdered by Arthur Mitchell AKA the Trinity Killer, Dexter continued a relationship with Lumen in season 5 and with Hannah in seasons 7 and 8.

9 More people have discovered Dexter’s secret

Dexter Showtime

For a variety of reasons, Dexter’s secret life as the Bay Harbor Butcher has been revealed to a small number of people at different points in the series. For example, James Doakes saw Dexter attempting to dispose of a body and Debra saw Dexter kill Travis Marshall AKA the Doomsday Killer.

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A serial killer herself, Hannah McKay was made aware of Dexter’s violent activities and fully supported him. While several individuals discovered Dexter’s secret, most of them were killed at the end of the series.

8 Dexter made friends

Dexter Showtime

At the start of the show, Dexter was a loner who only interacted with people when needed or to create the illusion that he was nothing more than a blood spatter analyst. In fact, one of the few people Dexter spoke to was his late father, with whom he had many imaginary conversations.

In addition to getting closer to his sister, Debra, and engaging in romantic relationships, Dexter has become a person capable of forming friendships. As the series progressed, Dexter inadvertently bonded with a select few, including Angel Batista and Vince Masuka, both of whom worked alongside Dexter at the Miami Metro Police Department.

7 Dexter became a father

During the first seasons of the series, Dexter acted as a father figure to Rita’s children before becoming their stepfather through his marriage to Rita in the Season 3 finale. Dexter and Rita later have a son. together and name him Harrison after Dexter’s father.

He makes his first appearance in Season 4 and Dexter elevates him after Rita is killed by Arthur Mitchell AKA the Trinity Killer. Harrison is set to make his comeback in Dexter: new blood and will be played by Jack Alcott.

6 Dexter started killing to save others rather than himself

Television Dexter Michael C Hall as Dexter Morgan

When Dexter started killing, he did so primarily for his own satisfaction. However, over time, Dexter began to kill people in order to protect those around him. Dexter wanted to kill Arthur Mitchell because he wanted to protect Mitchell’s family and the other victims from injury.

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Dexter also killed Miguel Prado in order to prevent him from assassinating Captain María LaGuerta. Even though he often executed many people for selfish reasons, he also believed that he could help others through his actions.

5 Dexter got more emotional

Dexter morgan

The Dexter Morgan from the show’s first episode was entirely dedicated to satisfying his black passenger and generally wouldn’t be willing to put the lives of others before him. However, in the process of engaging in friendships, romances, and even his most violent activities, Dexter has become a more emotional person.

For example, while raising his son, Harrison, Dexter looked after him and tried to protect him in any way he could. Additionally, Dexter fell in love with Hannah McKay and wanted to leave Miami to be with her and Harrison.

4 A change of framework

Dexter: new blood

While a large majority of the episodes took place in Miami, Florida, the upcoming revival of the series, Dexter: new blood, will take place in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York. The freezing temperatures in Iron Lake will be very different from those in South Florida, which will most likely prompt Dexter to make some changes.

Dexter was able to use Miami’s natural geography to his advantage by throwing his victims into the ocean, but fans will only have to wait to see how the Bay Harbor Butcher operates in a different climate.

3 Dexter took accomplices

Dexter Showtime

Although he worked alone for most of the series, Dexter was aided in his activities as a serial killer. In season 3, Dexter teamed up and befriended Deputy District Attorney Miguel Prado, before killing him at the end of the season.

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After rescuing her in Season 5, Lumen Pierce joins Dexter and helps him hunt down villainous Jordan Chase. Additionally, Dexter mentored a young man named Zach Hamilton, who is ultimately killed by Oliver Saxon aka the brain surgeon.

2 Dexter killed less and less

Television Dexter James Remar as Harry Morgan with Dexter

While the character seemed to be synonymous with murder, Dexter has gradually moved away from his urge to kill over the past few seasons. In most cases, Dexter gave in to his black passenger and committed murder. However, after establishing some friendships and romantic relationships, Dexter began to change his perspective on the murder.

Dexter finally realized that he could control his Dark Passenger and that he could live his life without feeling pressured to kill people. Dexter also wanted to stop killing in order to have a positive influence on his son, Harrison.

1 Dexter fakes his death and runs away

The series finale Dexter is seen by many as an unsatisfactory conclusion to Dexter’s story. After killing Debra, Dexter is presumed dead and he leaves Miami. Rather than go to Argentina to be with Hannah and Harrison, Dexter decided to leave everything behind to start a new life for himself.

Dexter’s decision to leave his loved ones behind has confused many viewers as the series saw him embark on a journey of self-discovery. Even though he had already realized that he was capable of loving others, his actions in the finale seem to prove otherwise.

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