5 Pandemic Safe Romantic First Date Ideas Under $50

  • Some people think they have to be super rich to start dating, but I disagree.
  • A Netflix party and a virtual Cards Against Humanity game are both free, but they tell me a lot about my date’s sense of humor.
  • Plan a virtual dinner date and surprise your date with a plate of food through Postmates.
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Some people think you have to be super rich to start dating. As a former writer on sex and relationships, I strongly disagree. I would even go so far as to say that the best dates in life are free.99.

I also asked a financial therapist Megan McCoy, Ph.D., LMFT, AFC, CFT-I for her advice, and she is by my side. “Rich people are sometimes the loneliest because they can’t tell if the people they date love them or if they just love their money,” she says.

Now that I’m in my thirties and have a lot of dating experience, I also know that I appreciate someone’s ability to make me laugh or see the world from a new perspective compared to flashy gifts or expensive meals out. A down-to-earth date shows me that the person I’m dating has long-term goals and shares the same values.

If you’re looking to meet some new cuties or spice up your current situation, here are five anti-pandemic ideas under $50.

1. Netflix Party ($0)

All you need is a laptop,

Google Chrome

, and the Telepart Extension (formerly known as


Party) and voila – a low-key virtual date you can attend in your pajamas. With the Teleparty extension, a chat bar will appear on your Netflix,


, Disney Plus or


movie or show so you can react in real time.

Laughter is my favorite form of intimacy, so I usually pick a funny movie or TV show to start with. If the jokes don’t sink in, I’m probably not interested in going any further.

2. A Virtual Cards Against Humanity Game ($0)

Cards Against Humanity is a popular card game that can either spawn the best inside jokes or spark heated arguments – either way, it’s exciting and hilarious. You can play a virtual version of the game using a website called All Bad Cards.

Along with getting to know your date better, it’s also a great low-key way to introduce your friends to the person you’re dating and see if they fit the vibe of your group of friends.

3. A trip to your local botanical garden ($40)

Since I live in LA, you actually have to wait in a virtual line with thousands of people to get tickets to the Huntington Botanical Gardens. This minor inconvenience makes it all the more romantic to have nabbed a pair of tickets to see perfectly manicured shrubs, rare flowers and giant cacti.

Throw in $15 of snacks and drinks and bring your own blanket, and it makes for quite a romantic date during the day.

4. A drive-in ($25 to $50)

Once I was vaxxed and got to know the person I was dating a bit more, going to the drive-in was an old-fashioned, romantic way to bond with each other. . If you feel uncomfortable being in the car with someone for COVID safety reasons, you can always drive separately and sit outside on folding chairs.

Since admission is usually a flat rate for a car, you might have to pay double that, but if you have one nearby, it’s still worth a romantic night under the stars.

5. Virtual Dinner Date ($45-$50)

Do you remember the thrill of ordering a plate of food for your date and seeing if you guessed their taste right? You can still do the same thing, but with


. Simply swap addresses, then schedule Postmates mystery deliveries to arrive at the same time. Once you both have your food, light some candles and connect to


for a cute virtual date.

Bonus points: I can also tell a lot about a person based on how well they tip their service employees. If there is a receipt attached to the order, I can easily tell if someone has skimped on the tip, which is a major hurdle.

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