A date and three happy-ever-afters

Thanks to her daughter, Dr. Dee is the first to join us in the First date Ireland rest tonight. The 60-year-old GP is full of infectious enthusiasm, telling the camera how she decided to venture out of her comfort zone now that her children are grown. “Love is a wonderful feeling,” she says. “It’s time for me now to start having my life.” Enter the man Mayo James. The 64-year-old medical assistant is looking for “a devil and an angel mixed in one Swiss roll”, after being dumped and unsuccessful with dating apps.

First on the list of things to talk about is the stitched hand of Dee, who lost an uphill battle to a deckchair outside his home in Co Westmeath. Soon, attention turns to Dee’s incredible work ethic and her specialty in menopause, where the public collectively recoiled when told the topic “wasn’t really a dating conversation. “.

As expected, it was pretty much downhill from there, but not before some talk about sea swimming and James’ cancer battle. Dee also has the final say after James suggests the date will change his workaholic ways: “I won’t be told what to do.”

Chris & Aine

Chris and Áine are a breath of fresh air

Next to, literally, the tower above the episode is Chris, who is 6ft 6in tall. The 27-year-old Dubliner is the perfect candidate for Áine, 26, from Wexford, who is more than a foot shorter than her match. “I think it’s nice to walk next to someone taller than you,” she says. Chris and his height of 14 feet are only delighted.

The couple get along extremely well and also end up discussing swimming in the sea – could a seaside First date Ireland to be special on the cards? If so, everyone hopes this couple will be there.

Their whole conversation is a breath of fresh air, with open discussions about Chris’ body image, anxiety and bipolar disorder. And everything is going well (pun intended). “There is a lot more to discuss. We’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg,” says Chris. All of this needs to be discussed on date number two.

Lisa and Aidan

Aidan was the silver fox that Lisa craved
Aidan was the silver fox that Lisa craved

Gentleman Aidan then arrives on his very first blind date. The 67-year-old tennis fanatic is paired with fellow Dubliner Lisa. Like Dr Dee, Lisa, 55, was also pushed into the show by her daughter. We’re sure she’s grateful, because she seems to have finally met the ‘silver fox’ she’s been looking for in Aidan.

Aidan, who also has children and has been married twice, is fascinated by Lisa’s stories of life in the United States. In turn, Lisa is comforted by the way Aidan talks about his wife, who died of cancer seven years ago.

The couple bond over their love of fitness and Aidan correctly tells the camera that Lisa is a stunner. Shortly after, both say they would like to see each other again and leave with a smile on their face.

Caoimhe and John

Caoimhe and John's romance continued
Caoimhe and John’s romance continued

Master’s student Caoimhe is paired with hotel receptionist John for the last date of the night. “How does it feel to hang out in Cavan? There are no dating in Cavan,” says John, who is an instant hit with viewers.

A blank daiquiri in hand, the 23-year-old is set to be the “real man” that Caoimhe, also 23, is looking for. Like his match, Caoimhe is fun to watch and the Ulster natives have a lot in common. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time with this pair, but the good news is that date number two (and three and four) is a date – and apparently Caoimhe is even “wife material.” The date gets a score of ten on both sides.

And that almost marks the end of another season of First dates Ireland, with next week’s latest episode just picking out the best bits from the last few weeks.

“You created love,” Mateo Saina told his colleagues. As John said when the bill arrived, “time flies when you’re having fun”.

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