A Guide to Sexual Health Resources in Evanston and Chicago

The field of health and sexuality on dateblocker – hanime images can prove to be a daunting and a lonely process that is characterized by significant barriers that range from severe stigma to obvious incorrect information.

The Daily covered the Evanston Public Library and the Howard Brown Health walk-in STIs and HIV series of projections in the fall However, the city as well as the territories have more sources to provide. This is why The Daily created this guide to help residents find sexual health services and organizations located in Chicago and the Evanston and Chicago regions.

Check out the ways these sexual health organizations can aid – and what they are doing to end the stigma associated with sexual health and education.

Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault

“We’re not going to be capable of ending assaults on women… as long as we don’t have hospital settings that have been trauma informed, and filled with individuals who are a part of the community they service. — Liv Harmening, educator and lawyer

The Northwest Center against sexual assault is a non-profit organization for community health that is focused on preventing violence against women through education and activism in the community and empowering survivors with counselling and advocacy. The services it provides support to people living within Cook as well as McHenry counties on The North Shore.

The group’s medical and legal advocates are available 24 hours a day for victims of sexual assault who require help in emergency rooms in hospitals or to navigate legal system to take care of their cases.

Harmening said that having these advocates for patients is crucial in aiding in tackling dangerous and even sexist attitudes within hospitals.

The center is also focused on interacting with communities through local programming. This can include educational programs both inside and outside of schools as well as events held in community centers throughout the region. Harmening stated that these local outreach initiatives are an essential step towards engaging people in advocacy.

“We need to be more effective in offering people this instant move to take,” she said. “A calling to action can be a better method of raising awareness. “

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center

“We have certainly modified our delivery of services to be trauma-focused and we’re working close with community organizations to enhance our services.” — Christine Berry, director of services

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center works against sexual assault and promotes trauma-informed health care by implementing the use of prevention and intervention strategies. In terms of prevention the center provides educational classes for children attending schools, and also vocational training. Alongside the intervention the center also provides hospital advocacy as well as operates a 24 hour assistance line (847-872-7799) and offers individual and group counseling. . The Zacharias Center site that offers counseling services is located in Skokie.

The Zacharias Center emphasizes trauma-informed care via volunteer training as well as actual practice. Berry stated that this awareness and sensitivity are particularly important in helping survivors of sexual assault and in helping the community to be aware of the prevention.

“Over 70 percent of people have been through trauma at some point in their lives,” Berry said. “We have to incorporate trauma-informed healthcare into all jobs, to ensure that we become more trauma-informed.”

If you’re looking to get involved to get involved, there is a Zacharias Center for you. Zacharias Center will be offering 40-hour training for volunteers during January, at their Lake County site, where participants will learn to become medical advocates and operators of support lines. or educators.

Howard Brown Health

“We are aware that STIs as well as HIV are accompanied by many stigmas and that stigma can be more harmful in comparison to HIV itself. — Erik Roldan, Director of Marketing and Communications

Howard brown is among the biggest LGBTQ + organizations in Chicago and provides a range of health services for this community across the city.

Howard Brown provides HIV / AIDS services, including testing and guidance regarding access to care. The center also houses a sexual health clinicthat offers counseling, primary health care for LGBTQ patients and has a youth education program for youth.

Alongside his vast city-wide health system, Roldan stated that Howard Brown focuses on community outreach and privacy to build relationships with patients and combat stigma.

“We are always involved in outreach initiatives… within those communities that we work with,” said Roldan. “It’s crucial that we are accessible in every way.

For the Evanston region Howard Brown’s closest location is his office located at 6500 North Clark St. in Uptown. There are 10 additional clinics across Chicago .

Resilience Chicago

“Our services are open to those who have experienced any kind of sexual assault during the previous time… regardless of whether it was this week or even 25 years ago, we’ll meet you regardless of the circumstances.” Erica Hungerford Chicago Resilience Office Manager

The office is located at North Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago with located on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and a North Side office closer to Evanston, Resilience offers free counseling, which covers up to 20 sessions of therapy for family members, survivors and acquaintances.

The charity is determined to defend victims every step of the process. The medical lawyers are as on-call assistance to patients in hospitals immediately following an assault. Legal attorneys assist survivors in navigating the legal system of justice and ensure that they receive reimbursement for medical expenses. .

Resilience also has volunteer opportunities. Anyone can enroll in an hour-long course of training to become a lawyer with Resilience. You can also act as a medical attorney in an emergency room.

Center at Halsted

“The COVID pandemic doesn’t mean there isn’t the HIV pandemic. “– Erica Gafford, Director of HIV and STD Testing and Prevention Services.

The Center on Halsted is a place that caters to LGBTQ + communities in Chicago that provides a range of services, including no-cost access to sexual wellness services.

The center offers access to healthcare resources for people with HIV and also counseling on how to access prEP, or pre-exposure therapy which is a medication that can decrease the risk of developing HIV. There is also a limited supply of HIV testing, with prior solicitations highly recommended.

The Center manages its own Illinois State HIV / AIDS and STD Hotline (800-243-2437) to assist in emergencies and also an HIV Resource Center which offers more detailed details.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Gafford has observed that many health care organizations are focused primarily on fighting COVID-19 and leaving people in need of vital HIV treatment without adequate resources.

But, Gafford pointed out that the Center on Halsted is working with patients to concentrate specifically on health and to remove the barriers to accessing the services.

“Because due to the stigma people aren’t able to receive the information they require,” she said. “It’s still the greatest danger we face.”


“Our aim was to bring the videos where youth are, online and to make videos as accessible as is possible. ” Angela Maske Strategic Projects Coordinator at Advocates for Youth

The project was launched in 2016 in 2016 by Advocates for Youth, AMAZING is a program that aims to “take the stigma out of sexual information” by providing youth with a variety of age-appropriate, lightweight videos on sexual health issues for teens. AMAZE has uploaded more than 120 videos with animation on YouTube which cover a broad spectrum of topics including safe sex and sexual health through social media to LGBTQ and issues.

The channel has now over 200,000 users as well as more than 54 million viewers.

AMAZE is now a major player as a digital resource for educators and parents looking to fill in the needs in sexuality education of youngsters, Maske said.

“The seriousness of a substance such as AMAZE grew (during the outbreak),” she said. “It has helped us appreciate the vastness of sexuality education… It’s about creating content that can help youngsters live their lives to the fullest in a holistic manner. “

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