Actress Letitia Wright Explains Why She’s Done With Online Dating

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For some, dating someone was hard enough.

Add a global pandemic and a Hollywood celebrity to the start and you might end up with the same issues as Black Panther actress Letitia Wright.

The 27-year-old covers the latest issue of Dazed magazine, where she explains why she’s not a fan of online dating and how she’s amused by the legions of interested suitors who still think she wants to do the salvation of the Wakanda, two years later.

In the article, Wright talks about his upcoming film Mangrove where shou portray Altheia Jones-LeCointe, an actual member of The Mangrove Nine, a group that protested against racial hatred in London in the 1970s. She will also star in the Steve McQueen drama series Small Ax alongside John Boyega.

“She has the benefit of exploring without someone saying, ‘Oh my God! Wakanda Forever!” Said Wright, describing one of her girlfriends who regularly suggests that she try the apps. does not have this problem. “

And while Wright may have direct access to some of Hollywood’s most famous singles, she says it comes with its own set of challenges.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Hey, you have successful friends – they’re cute,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, but they date all the girls they like,’ Wright says. “You don’t want this. Like oh, dang – do you have five girls? I’m not trying to be number six. I’m just confident that I’ll find the right person for me when the time is right. My friends have told me that I am too passive. They say to me, “You have to do something about it.”

(* Go to Wright’s Instagram to see who his close friends are so we can relate the tea that just spilled).

“I had better not want my heart broken. You cannot enjoy your blessings when you are going through this.

Wright says that in the meantime, she knows her faith will lead her to make the right romantic choice when the time comes, and stays focused on herself. So don’t call her hotline if you’re not ready to be serious.

“That’s what God wants me to do, so if you’re mature enough to see this, great, amazing, cool, let’s go. But if you’re not, don’t call my DMs. do not do.

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