AEW shares full Fight Forever match, plus new game details

The annual Gamescom trade show is taking place in Germany this week, and AEW Games is showcasing its next fight forever exit to Cologne.

Although they and the on-screen disclaimer were very clear that fight forever is still in development and they didn’t show final footage, Evil Uno and Colt Cabana played a full game of the game. Fans on Gamescom and Twitch watched virtual Kenny Omega go head-to-head with digital Adam Cole.

Some notes from their demo:

• Entries are not yet complete, but will be in the final game. Users can trigger their own pyro during entries.

• AEW coaches walk you through in-game tutorials. In-game, William Regal walked us through basic match controls and gameplay primers.

• These controls include Strike, Grapple, Hard Strike, and Hard Grapple, as well as Block and Reverse. There are damage and momentum bars, the latter telling you when you can use signature moves and finishers. Different buttons control punches and kicks. Ejections and submission evasions are accomplished by button mashing, not mini-games.

• Uno described the game’s controls as easy to learn but difficult to master. He compared it to the Nintendo 64 games of his youth (nice subtle homage to another Hideyuki Iwashita game from THQ, the much-loved wwf no mercy).

• The game has over 40 usable weapons and will be rated 16+ as you can draw blood in matches. The steel cage is not one of the match types included.

• Most things in the game can be changed, such as entrances, rings and arenas. Championship belts are not customizable.

• Mixed matches, matches where wrestlers fight against another version of themselves, and CPU versus CPU matches are all possible.

• Online gambling is said to be “a big part” of fight forever. There was no announcement regarding the DLC, but they will support the game after release, including free updates.

• There is a “deep career mode” where you will go on the road with AEW and can hire a manager.

• I. Listen. Last but not least, fight forever will include original music by Max Caster when released.

• As for a release date, there is no new information. “Soonish” was the most optimistic goal offered.

be excited to fight forever?

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