Ana De Armas realizes the ‘dangerous’ attention she received while dating Ben Affleck

Prior to The relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez starting over last year and their recent marriage, the Justice League the actor and Ana De Armas dated for nearly a year after working together on the thriller deep waters. To say the two stars garnered quite a bit of attention while an item would be an understatement. Now, De Armas recently addressed the extra public attention she received with Affleck, even going so far as to call her “dangerous.”

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas reportedly dated from early 2020 to early 2021. During their relationship, the Blond The actress was frequently the object of paparazzi desires, often on occasional dog walks around their Los Angeles neighborhoods. While de Armas shared that being with Affleck wasn’t the first time she’s been followed by the press, this situation was particularly uncomfortable for her. In the words of de Armas:

I’ve never been someone who wants attention that isn’t related to my job. So when the focus isn’t on my work, it’s upsetting, and it’s disrespectful, and it’s inappropriate, and it’s dangerous and dangerous. But, especially in this country, I don’t know how you can find protection. I don’t know how you can prevent that from happening, other than leaving.

During his interview with Variety, Ana De Armas did not hesitate to reflect on the media frenzy that accompanied her time with Ben Affleck. Before becoming a Hollywood star, she worked in Spain and remembered having the press and paparazzi after her. However, getting attached to one of the biggest actors in the world has clearly brought him a whole new level of notoriety. Following the deep waters the breaking of the stars, De Armas moved from Hollywood to New Yorkpartly to avoid swarming photographers, as she has shared before.

Interestingly enough, the actress’ experience with the Goodwill hunting alum fueled her latest role – that of Marilyn Monroe in Blond. While talking about her unwanted media attention, the actress also said it was “one of the things” that brought her “closer” to the exploitation of the late Hollywood actress and her mindset. Monroe was often considered an object by the industry despite her acting talent in films such as Some like it hot and The Seven Year Itch.

Ana DeArmas completely transformed into Marilyn Monroe for the film, so much so that when she was first in full costume on set, she recalls everyone in the room “crying” and feeling like the starlet was back. The film, which received a rare NC-17 rating, has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The main criticism the film has received is that it is allegedly abusive of the late Monroe, including with the numerous nude scenes from the film by de Armas.

Nevertheless, Ana de Armas’ performance has been praised by so many and she is shaping up to be a major contender come awards season. It’s unfortunate that de Armas had to come under such scrutiny amid her romance with Ben Affleck, you have to applaud her for channeling those feelings of dread into a stellar performance.

Blond will be available to stream with a Netflix subscription September 28.

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