Antonio Conte issues top-four warning to rivals after Tottenham came back from behind against Leeds

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After arriving later than expected due to training, Eric Dier’s message after two weeks of intense work under Antonio Conte was that Tottenham players must be ready to change their behavior.

It was an international break filled with running drills and extended sessions for those who remained at Spurs’ training base at Bulls Cross as Conte implements his plan to jumpstart the club’s season after taking over from Nuno Espirito Santo.

Conte wants his players to experience football excellence, which includes a diet and a lifestyle away from the training grounds.

“The most important thing is that we as players are ready to change the way he thinks best so that we can improve as a team,” said Dier.

“These are very, very demanding sessions, physically and mentally, but very enjoyable.

“Anyone who was here during the Pochettino days knows what a tough session looks like, and there have certainly been some in the last few weeks.

“Really tough sessions, running sessions and working without a ball.

“There were definitely other meetings and longer sessions on the training ground. Which I think everyone appreciates and appreciates about working this way. His attention to detail is incredible, it’s incredible. The amount of Hanime information. When we analyze training and games it makes it so easy to understand. It’s so clear what he wants.

“As a player you know exactly what he wants because his messages are so clear and understandable.”

Dier could be one of the beneficiaries of Conte’s favored 3-4-3 system, with Cristian Romero out of the clash against Leeds United at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium today meaning he will likely be in the back row .

Against Marcelo Bielsa’s side, Dier expects a frenzied encounter, although he says it’s hard to say Conte’s system is a particular formation as he constantly changes it over the course of matches. “One of the things is just to see the tactical system with five in the back that is so dynamic and constantly on the move. Player positions are constantly changing, so it’s hard to call that any tactical setup,” he said. he declared.

“I played against that in the past when the manager was at Chelsea and I remember those games very well and I was trying to contain his system. Now being the protagonists is really interesting, and I play him from there. in a way I’ve never played it before.

“We faced Leeds last season and it’s chaos controlled by them. They know what they’re doing, but they’re trying to make the other team feel like it’s completely chaotic.

While Dier has played in every Premier League game this season, others like Dele Alli are hoping to find their way into Conte’s plans after being kicked out of the squad under Nuno.

“When a new manager comes in there is usually a coolness around the building, everyone feels like they are starting from scratch, there is a clean slate,” Dier said. “There is this freshness in things.

“I think what’s important is that once we get past that phase, everyone maintains that level of intensity in their work, that we build a very strong group here and that we all work together. the right way with the right mindset.

“It’s the most important thing, to strive to improve as a group and get back to where we want to be.”

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