Australian man, 35, accused of harassing 16 different women on dating app


A man who has been attacking women on the dating app Tinder for several years has been arrested.

The man has been identified as Sean Ian Bruce Flintoff, a 35-year-old man from Adelaide, Australia. He was charged with 21 offenses, including 16 counts of stalking 16 different women.

Authorities say Flintoff harassed women for a eight-year period. It started in 2013 and continued until 2021 in various locations in the Adelaide metropolis.

Flintoff is said to have targeted women in their thirties. Besides Tinder, the 35-year-old also approached his other victims via marketplace websites where he made random social media requests to get in touch with women.

The first incident against Flintoff happened last month. An anonymous woman feared for her safety when the 35-year-old started harassing her.

Soon after, another woman also complained about Flintoff’s stalking and also told police she feared for her safety. It was here that the police intervened and discovered that the two women were just one of a larger group of women whom Flintoff was preying on.

Flintoff already had appeared in Adelaide Magistrates’ Court Friday September 24 by video link. He has not asked for a bond and is due to return to court in October.

In light of this development, Australian criminal lawyer Sonina Hickey has given women some guidelines to avoid such online dating issues.

“Experts suggest having a few video chats before meeting face to face, and always meeting for the first time in a public place,” she said. “Other warnings include being careful not to divulge too much personal information before you get to know each other better and to ensure that a friend or family member knows the details of your date.”

A convicted Irish killer and notoriously registered sex offender allegedly violated sex offender law, along with his bail, by going back to dating app Tinder and registering under a fake pseudonym. This is a representative image. UNSPLASH

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