Best Legal Research Databases of 2021


As one of the largest providers of online legal research, LexisNexis sets the standard with the most comprehensive line of highly searchable databases, making it our choice as the best overall legal research database.

  • Shepardize Citation service to verify the correct law

  • Large database of secondary sources

  • Reward Points

  • Copy quotes as hyperlinks

Since its founding in 1973, LexisNexis, also known as Lexis, has grown into one of the largest and most trusted legal research databases. Hundreds of leading law firms and academic institutions rely heavily on its vast array of AI-enhanced legal databases and research, making it our choice as the best legal research database. overall.

Lexis users have access to the widest range of US legal information spanning all 50 states, broken down by jurisdictions, document types and legal topics. Each jurisdiction database is divided into several categories such as cases, statutes, agency documents, case law, public records, jury instructions and verdicts, which leads to additional databases more small.

As large as its databases are, the Lexis interface is very intuitive, requiring little training to perform basic research. However, because its database offering is so massive, it requires continued use to learn all aspects of its extensive research capabilities, including secondary sources and archived versions of statutory databases dating back to 1991.

Its Shepardize Citation service is renowned for its ability to quickly and efficiently verify the status of a particular case as good or bad law while providing users with additional legal information and analysis on the case.

Lexis recently introduced a monthly plan starting at $ 75, but it requires a three-year contract. A one-year plan costs $ 108 per month. The flat rate plan only covers the cases and laws in your state. To add federal laws, you pay $ 125 per month for three years or $ 148 per month for one year. To access legal journals and law journals, you pay $ 200 or $ 246 per month for the three-year or one-year plan, respectively. You could also pay an additional fee of $ 10 to $ 289 per document for research material not included in your plan.

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