Block, delete, review: A tongue-in-cheek guide to navigating dating in 2022

For those who know @LalalaLetMeExplain’s Instagram, they might know what they’re getting into with this book, but I didn’t.

She opens the book saying it’s for those who can relate to those who “raise your hand if you’ve personally been the victim of your own taste for male memes” and honestly… Who hasn’t?

I think most people I know have at least one bad date history.

I have a friend who went on a date so bad she ran off to the streets of Barcelona and was forced to block the man, I have others who have been through a level of love bombardment that really alarmed them.

After a particularly difficult date, it’s not crazy to think that you might feel discouraged.

And honestly, for at least the first half of this book, I don’t think you’ll feel more optimistic.

It’s a very quick read, which is great, you’ll easily go through it in a day.

And it will certainly help you spot red and pink flags, and maybe even feel a bit victimized by your own past dating choices.

I especially liked that the chapters had trigger warnings at the start, which means you can easily skip the ones that will negatively impact you.

I think if you’re wondering why you keep dating people who bother you, this might be a good read, and if you have a friend who keeps getting heartbroken, then it’s a funny of ironic gift that you can send her this Valentine’s Day.

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I will say, if you feel bad about your luck I really doubt it will make you feel better. There really aren’t many good things said about men, and while there are plenty of guys out there who certainly don’t fit us, there are “decent men”.

LalalaLetMeExplain isn’t blind to this, but it does set the bar pretty low on what qualifies as a decent man.

It’s a decent read although I’d recommend not taking everything to heart – it’s certainly a pretty cynical take on dating, but there’s some good advice in there.

You can buy it here on Amazon and Waterstones.

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