Brothers Of Destruction’s Last 10 Matches, Ranked From Worst To Best

The Undertaker and Kane are two of the most legendary artists in WWE history, each carrying an incredible aura, with careers filled with great moments. In the storyline, they happen to be brothers, making this perhaps the most notable example of kayfabe siblings in pro wrestling history.

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Throughout their career, they were often separated from each other, whether as singles stars or on other teams, but they still reunited from time to time, although their last 10 televised matches in duo span a sensational 12 years. Not all of these matches were great, with widely varying quality.


ten Crown Jewel vs. D-Generation X 11/2/18

This match has the terrible reputation of being one of the worst matches in WWE history. While all four names in this match are some of the greatest superstars of all time, this match far exceeded their respective bounties, and it was a complete disaster.

Shawn Michaels controversially came out of retirement, and while he was decent, seeing him with a bald head made it painfully clear that he wasn’t the Michaels of old. During the match, there were several misfires, with Triple H tearing his pec and Kane losing his mask at one point. It was laughable how bad it was.

9 Against Big Daddy V and Mark Henry, SmackDown 02/01/08

There was a lot of clout in this match as four of WWE’s biggest monsters battled it out in a matchup that Vince McMahon probably loved. However, when big men are paired up, it can often be difficult for any kind of flow or rhythm.

This match went well, but there were definitely issues with the limited abilities of those involved given that they are all larger than life. All in all, it was a straightforward match that didn’t offer much.

8 Against Mr. Kennedy and MVP, SmackDown 12/15/06

This match lasted just over five minutes before their fight ended, this is a no contest as it is more of an angle than a match. Mr. Kennedy would try to run over Kane with a hearse, only for The Undertaker to appear in the passenger seat.

It was a silly moment but it was fine for what it was, although the match was a waste of time overall, and a simple brawl accompanying this segment would have been more successful.

seven Against the Wyatt Family, Survivor Series 11/22/15

On paper it was a dream match, but in reality it was about two former veterans who were past their prime producing a below average fight. The nostalgia of seeing Kane and The Undertaker team up in a show to take on the supernatural Wyatt Family was nice, but in the ring, it wasn’t great.

The action was fairly slow and laborious at the best of times, but thankfully it didn’t overstay its welcome, allowing the veterans to perform all of their greatest hits, although they unfortunately defeated the young team at full-time.

6 Against King Booker and Finlay, SmackDown 12/22/06

While there weren’t too many inherent issues with this match, it was clear that Christmas fatigue was setting in, as it just didn’t have too much energy, and it dragged on for long portions.

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There was some confusion with the tags in and out of the match, but for the most part it was just “fine”.

5 Against The Miz and John Morrison, ECW 4/15/08

In a very rare treat, The Undertaker appeared on a UK edition of ECW to team up with Kane to battle the promising tag team of The Miz and John Morrison. It was a very stereotypical tag team match, not too bad with what happened in the ring.

The crowd was notably quiet whenever The Undertaker wasn’t the legal man, which unfortunately damaged the heat at times, but overall it was a decent encounter.

4 w/ Triple H & John Cena vs. Edge, JBL, Randy Orton & Chavo Guerrero, Raw 04/21/08

Eight big names battled it out in this multi-star Raw main event, but it was nothing too special. It was a fun way to end the show, with a fast pace, but there wasn’t really enough time to flesh out storylines or give individuals a chance to shine.

He still left the show on an electric note because of the people involved, and fans invested throughout the match, even with the heels taking the win.

3 vs. Jeri-Show, SmackDown 11/20/09

In the build of The Undertaker defending his world heavyweight title against Jeri-Show in a triple threat, he enlisted Kane’s help for a big tag team main event. It was fun while it lasted, with the four men going back and forth for 12 minutes.

Unfortunately, it ended in a no contest, as Jericho introduced his partner, despite the pair being tag team champions, before taking the world title belt and leaving. This furthered the building of their match and added some intrigue to the alliance between Jericho and Show, but it would have been to see a good finish.

2 Against Matt Hardy and MVP, SmackDown 12/10/07

The negatives of this match were mostly around the finish, as the Brothers of Destruction defeated the Tag Team Champions flawlessly, which is never good for the prestige of the belts when the Champions lose in a non-title fight.

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However, the action itself was very enjoyable, with all four men battling in a solid match with a decent pace. It was quite punchy at times, with Undertaker and Kane looking very dominant and dangerous.

1 with Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield, Raw 4/22/13

UK fans were spoiled for this edition of Raw as it saw The Undertaker take part in his final match on the red mark. It was a huge spectacle and it lived up to the name value of those involved.

The Shield again produced another brilliant trio, with the experienced duo of the Brothers of Destruction and the technical genius of Daniel Bryan acting as perfect opponents. It was a simple but fun match, with The Shield deservedly winning.

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