Canberra man accused of raping woman he met on dating app Bumble

A 33-year-old Canberra man has been charged with raping a woman four times in a car after meeting her through the dating app Bumble.

Hakan Halit Eren, of Isabella Plains, appeared in ACT Magistrates’ Court on Monday after police arrested him at a cafe in Tuggeranong, south Canberra, on Sunday.

Police said Mr Eren met the woman at 8pm on Friday September 9 at the Kingston Hotel in the inner suburbs after using the app to communicate with her. He identified himself as “Al”.

The couple spent two hours at the hotel drinking and talking before heading to the woman’s car parked outside.

Court documents show the couple kissed before Mr Eren asked the woman if she had ever been to Lennox Gardens in Yarralumla, to which she replied “no”.

A police statement said the woman then agreed to go to the gardens, “however, they had a conversation where she said that didn’t mean she wanted to have sex with him, and he seemed offended that she was insinuating that was what he was looking for”.

The couple drove to the gardens, where they made out in the back seat of the woman’s car and Mr Eren performed oral sex on her, to which she consented.

Hakan Eren has been released on bail and will return to court next month.(ABC News: Ian Cutmore)

The statement said that Mr. Eren then allegedly pulled down his pants, “which made [the woman] uncomfortable”, and sexually penetrated her four times.

She told the police she said no every time and pushed him away.

Mr Eren then allegedly pushed the woman’s head towards his penis and encouraged her to masturbate him, which she allegedly did ‘so he wouldn’t continue to force her to perform oral sex’ or penetrate her , according to court documents.

The woman then allegedly pushed Mr. Eren away. The documents say he asked ‘what was wrong with her’ before repeating that ‘it had never happened to her before’.

The woman dropped Mr. Eren off at a city bus stop. She then went home and called her brother, sister and an upset friend, telling them she had been sexually assaulted.

She reported the alleged assault to the police the next day before going to hospital for a forensic examination.

Defendant says ‘the pants were on all the time’

Mr Eren told police he met the woman at the Kingston Hotel and then kissed her in the back seat of his car until she said ‘stop’.

After that, he said they went back to the front seats and she dropped him off in town.

He said they hadn’t had sex and he had his pants on the whole time.

Mr Eren now faces four counts of sex without consent.

Magistrate Ken Archer released him on bail on condition that he surrender his Turkish passport.

His lawyer told the court that Mr Eren had “significant concerns” about the effect the case would have on his application for Australian citizenship.

Mr Eren is due to appear in court again later this month.

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