CBS’ Jim Nantz provides scouting report on ‘The Match’ and Josh Allen’s golf game | Television

Who better than CBS NFL and golf announcer Jim Nantz to give a scouting report on “The Match” featuring superstar NFL quarterbacks Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers?

After all, Nantz golfed with the top three quarterbacks and announced pro-am tournaments that Rodgers attended.

Nantz played with Allen when the Buffalo Bills quarterback hit a 290-yard par-4 practice on the green and with Mahomes when the Kansas City quarterback hit a 330-yard three-wooder.

Watch now: Josh Allen talks about playing in golf’s ‘The Match’

He heard Tampa Bay quarterback Brady talk trash and he announced Pro-Am tournaments when the Green Bay quarterback and NFL MVP Rodgers made “obscenely long putts.”

Nantz stressed that the 12-hole charity event in which Allen and Mahomes take on Brady and Rodgers on June 1 from the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas is not a serious golf tournament but all about fun. The event is broadcast at 7 p.m. on TNT.

“I find they all play at a high level and are very keen to improve,” Nantz said. “It’s not like it’s a yuk festival. But it’s not like the US Open qualifier either. They are amateurs who have a lot of natural skill due to exceptional hand-eye coordination, but they are all trying to improve and learn the game. And they are all good company. These guys are serious about their games now.

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“This event needs to find an audience. It’s not the Masters in terms of TV viewership,” Nantz added. “Don’t mess around here because you’re thrilled to have a Buffalo Bill in it. It’s not the PGA Championship. I don’t hit him. It’s funny. Those of us who love golf and love these guys are going to watch.

Nantz, who played with Brady in February in Palm Beach, Fla., considers the NFL’s GOAT the No. 1 trash talker.

“I know they’re going to be invited to talk, engage and have fun with each other,” Nantz said. “I think it will encourage a lot of trash talk …

“I think Brady is maybe the best at it. In terms of being able to have winning one-liners that are fun and a bit jab-y. It is delivering the needle without it being below the belt. Everything is in a good mood.

Allen has been credited — if that’s the right word — by Baltimore cornerback Marcus Peters as one of the best talkers in the NFL.

The Bills quarterback’s response to a tweet from Brady after “The Match” was announced confirmed Peters’ take. First, Brady captioned a photo of a young child in a Bills helmet with “an artist’s rendering of me watching Josh Allen’s approach after lying down on a par-4.” Allen responded with a photo of Brady’s new clothing line, “At least he didn’t have me in Brady brand clothes.”

“I have no doubt he had that in his arsenal,” Nantz said of Allen’s remarks. “I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do. I’m sure it’ll get a little high when he gets in this match because they’re going to be up against two guys who are “in quotes” aged statesmen I think at the start he must be feeling it a bit in terms of what he’s comfortable with, how far he can take it. But Tom pretty much already set a standard when the match was announced. He came out with a pretty playful commentary. was a great shot through the arc, which is good. That’s what they want.

He added that Brady and Rodgers have experience in contests like this, having appeared on the fifth episode of ‘The Match’ last year when Packers quarterback and Bryson DeChambeau beat Brady and Phil Mickelson. . Brady also lost with Mickelson in 2020, competing against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods.

“Brady took a lot of guffs early in this game before firing the fairway shot on the seventh hole, which was one of golf’s best shots of the year in 2020,” Nantz said. “I think Tom can probably get the most out of the needle, but I have no doubt they all have that ability to do that.”

Nantz, who covered Rodgers’ play in the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach, thinks the MVP might be the better putter.

“He’s got a very sporty game and he’s a clutch player,” Nantz said. “Putting is so much about confidence, bravado, handling pressure, which goes with their main job description. Just from what I’ve seen in the past. I think I could give Rodgers that advantage. I’ve seen him make obscenely long putts.

Nantz saw Mahomes’ short game up close when they played at Pebble Beach.

“The first hole I played with Patrick, he hit it on the green in two on a par 4. He had an impossible chip on a downhill lie and birdie. The odds that the better round plays up and down, Phil Mickelson at his peak as a short game magician, would have gone up and down are one in 10 times.”

Nantz suggested Mahomes’ technique off the tee was as unusual as some of his passing angles.

“When I was playing with Patrick, he was still kind of new to the game,” Nantz said. “We’ve played 36 holes and he’s never hit a driver. But he’s hit a 3 wood so far, I’d put him up there with anybody else’s driver…I think he has now learned to hit this club, but his 3 wood traveled 330 yards.

Nantz, who played with Allen twice at Cypress Point in Pebble Beach, said the Bills quarterback had been “long crazy” with a driver.

“He drove it onto the green on a par 4, the ninth hole,” Nantz said of the 290-yard hole. “He has this extra gear.”

Nantz gave a technical explanation for why all four quarterbacks are big off the tee.

“The mechanics of hitting a golf ball and the spin needed to create spin speed around an axis is very similar to how you get speed and spin from throwing a soccer ball,” said Nantz said. “The movement is very similar. So naturally these guys have it once they learn grip, stance, and the little intricacies of a golf swing. They have a connection with what it takes to hit a golf ball a long distance and they can all smack it well.

He thinks Allen’s experience playing the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in February after the Bills’ devastating 42-36 playoff loss to Kansas City and Mahomes was “a really good way for him to prepare for this.” .

“He arrived a bit tired, beleaguered because he had just suffered that heartbreaking defeat, and I’m sure his mind still had that game on a loop in his head for so long, and he played well.

“I think it will benefit him,” Nantz said, “because you play golf in a different way than you play with your buddies.”

A self-proclaimed “golf madman”, Nantz plans to watch the event featuring four guys he considers friends.

“I think it’s good for the game that you have guys showing people how cool golf is,” Nantz said. “You’re not as talented as you are in your full-time job, but you can still have a lot of fun, and I think the viewer will find that very relevant. They’re icons, they’re superstars, but they are always trying to find ways to play the shots and improve.

He believes the X factor in the game is how players will deal with being followed by cameras, being picked up and hearing ongoing commentary.

“It’s a different feeling for those who have never played in a game before,” Nantz said.

He thinks Brady and Rodgers, who have experience in made-for-TV games, will take the lead.

“It might take Josh and Patrick a while to catch up to all this chatter in their ears, all the cameras on,” Nantz said. “It takes time to settle in. But they will. I think this one is for the last hole. Who knows? Maybe it’s Kansas City and Buffalo from the divisional playoff round, but this time these two guys are teaming up. I kinda like the young guys coming from behind and winning in the end…I expect Josh to rally around once he and Patrick are settled in and used to the awkwardness of the equipment and the cameras in their faces. Once they get past that, they will become very dangerous.

“It’s interesting to see them as teammates… They have a lot more battles in the coming years where they stand on opposite sidelines, but it’s pretty cool to see them united in this effort.”

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