Chat with Erin Enderlin about her upcoming single “Somebody’s Shot Of Whiskey”


Erine also engaged with her loyal fan base through regular Life Streams where she first presented her upcoming single in stripped down format. She kindly agreed to answer a few questions about the track exclusively for us here at Belles and Gals, and I think the answers give a good insight not only into the song itself, but also into the tenacity and strength of it. character who Erine needed to be successful in the fierce music industry. Another thing that struck me was the release’s female credit list, which you’ll find at the end of our interview.

1. LH I love the concept behind this song! What inspired him?

EE Thanks! I was playing a festival show in Kansas and before show time I was walking around to check out some of the different tents and stuff. Some t-shirts caught my eye, one of them said “I’d rather be someone’s glass of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea” – right away I was like, man, it’s me. The older I get, the more importance I place on being able to be myself, whether with friends or in my music. It’s so liberating to be able to say, this is me, this is what I love, this is what touches me and I feel good. I know I’m not for everyone – and that’s fine with me.

2. LH The idea developed into such a fun and catchy track! Is that what you envisioned from the start, or how did it only evolve when you and your co-writer Ben Chapman got together?

EE You know I really wanted to do more. Usually I’m very much into story songs, and more ballads / mid tempo, but I like other styles and wanted to experiment with that. I had this idea in my pocket for years and Ben logged into it and I loved the vibe he created. He kind of started out playing a Waylon style – and I love Emmylou Harris’ honky tonk tunes, so I was like we were adding a little of that? And it’s a little cheeky and I love it.

3. LH As you just mentioned, this is a change from the majority of your songs which usually tackle heartbreaking topics, but like a lot of them I love how they still convey a good message. . Is this the one you hold in real life?

EE Thank you very much. It certainly is. I have been guilty of trying to be someone different to please others, but the older I get the more I find it not worth it and not what I want to do . When I moved to Nashville, some people would tell me “You’re too country” or “Your songs are too sad” or “You’ll never be an artist” and I was just trying to keep in mind – it wasn’t. isn’t true, you’re just not one of those who “understand” me – and that’s okay, i’ll just go ahead and find those who understand. And luckily, there were a lot of them!

4. LH And of course, once again your deep love for traditional country music shines through as always in the arrangement of the song …. the fantastic violin in particular which is so loud. How involved were you in the instrumentation / production of the song and who else did you work with in both functions?

EE I produced the track and played acoustic guitar on it – but I had some great people who designed and performed on the track, which also brought their talent and vision to the song. This Justin Courtelyou’s engineer is actually the first engineer I worked with at MTSU on a school project. I love the energy and creativity he brings to the project. I made this recording a little differently – partly because of the pandemic, and partly because I always wanted to play guitar on a project but I was too intimidated to try in a room full of studio musicians with only a few hours to get it right. So, I went into the studio with Justin and his assistant Kyle and laid the acoustic track and sang the vocals. Then Justin sent the songs to the other musicians to play on. Jenee Fleenor played the violin, and she was the first musician to add to the track – I just said to her “Jenee, you know I love what you do, so play all the fiddle on that son of a gun and I know I’m going to be over the moon with this! and I was. I think another big part of the feeling was working with Megan Jane on drums and percussion. I got a chance to play a bit with her on the go, so she knows how I like to play live – and she knows I like to feel the music and speed up and slow down in function – not with a click like they say. I’m not saying that ‘ is good or bad, but it’s my way of playing, it’s part of my sound and I wanted to capture more of my live. I love the percussion elements besides the direct drums. Megan has such cool ideas with it all of that and he’s just an amazing talent.

5.LH Did you encounter any particular challenges throughout the writing and recording process due to the restrictions the pandemic has placed on you?

EE Well like I said in the last question somehow it helped it was all so messed up it was like why follow any other rules? Why not play my own guitar and take on the role of producer? I’m not sure if this is always how I would do it, but it was great to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I must say, however, that I am more nervous than I have ever been to see how people react. But I like how it went. I think otherwise there were a lot of mental and financial challenges. I had a really big year gearing up for 2020 and a lot of it flew by – making this music helped me focus, helped me get excited again and found the music that I love. I was so lucky last year in so many ways especially the support I got from the fans to keep doing what I do.

6. LH Speaking of your fans, I’m assuming there’s an accompanying video in the works, which will include clips they’ve uploaded… what more can you tell me about that?
EE There is! I am so excited about this. For me, the point of this song is to love yourself for who you are and to find “your people” – it’s like the famous quote from Bridget Jones’s diary – one of my favorite movies – when Mark Darcy says to Bridget “I love you very much. Just like you are” – I found a whole community of my people and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to include them in the video. I have friends, family, a fanily, and some very cute doggies showing up – and I’ll tell you, I’m smiling from ear to ear the whole time I’m looking at it!

7. LH I mentioned your Campfire Covers recordings in the introduction… .. although releasing ANY music must be a fantastic feeling, does that make it extra special / exciting / edgy when it comes? to release your original material?

EE It is and it is not. The covers are nerve-racking because I have so much respect for the original piece, and I hope I will do it justice and the original creators will be delighted. When it’s my own music, I really try to live up to the song. They really are like your children and you want the best for them. I’m so grateful to always be there, to make music that I love and to be able to share it. I don’t take it for granted, it’s a gift.

8. LH Can we expect more new music from you in the coming months… ..either as standalone singles or is there maybe an EP / Album in the works?

EE Yes and Yes. Guess I’ll talk about it here, but I have a new EP in the works – it’s based on different characters all in the same bar on the same night, but going through very different things. I’ll be releasing a new single / focus every month for a few months, then the full EP. I have to say, I’ve worked on so many cool creative tracks, from songs to videos and more, I’ve built up like doomsday pickers, and I can’t wait to start sharing it all!

LH Oh that’s great news …. thanks for the “spill” !!! I’m sure I’m not the only one LOVING a concept project, and I can’t wait to hear what you came up with!

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you will come back to the pond to play here again in the not so distant future,

Credits “Someone is a glass of whiskey”

Written by Erin Enderlin and Ben Chapman

Producer: Erin Enderlin

Engineer: Justin Courtelyou

Assistant Engineer: Kyle Blunt

Mixed by: Justin Courtleyou

Mastered by: Amy Brown

Acoustic guitar: Erin Enderlin

Violin: Jenee Fleenor

Drums: Megan Jane

Bass: Rachel Loy

Steel guitar: Justin Schipper

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