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What is the current british vaccine the supplies look like?

Analysis by Paul Kelso, business correspondent

A recent delivery from the Serum Institute of India – totaling five million doses – fueled an increase in deployment, with a new record of over 840,000 first and second doses delivered on Saturday, double the seven-day average a few days earlier .

This is about to end, however, after SII told the government last week it would not complete its total order of 10 million doses, and 1.7 million more AstraZeneca injections. produced in the UK have been delayed by the need for retesting. .

This prompted the NHS to halt first doses altogether from March 29 in order to meet demand for second doses which rises sharply in April, 12 weeks after the deployment began in earnest.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Parliament last week that despite the delays, 12 million second doses would be delivered within five weeks of March 29.

Initially, this will put a premium on supplies from Pfizer, which dominated the first few weeks of the deployment. Yellow card data shows that as of the end of January 6.6 million doses of Pfizer had been distributed compared to three million AstraZeneca.

Given the 12 week deadline for second doses, the UK will need at least as many doses of Pfizer and AstraZeneca in April.

The intention is to have the supplies to match the second doses with the first, although regulators and the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization have not ruled out “mixing and matching”, and testing are underway to see if it might even improve efficiency.

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