Dale Moss set to helm upcoming Rom-Com movie

The Bachelorette alum, Dale Moss quickly goes from reality TV star to actor. He’s set to helm the upcoming 2022 romantic comedy, “Love, Game, Match”.

The bachelorette alum, Dale Moss will soon star in an upcoming romantic comedy film. Dale is no stranger to the entertainment world as he has a full resume ranging from modeling jobs to organizing concerts. The 33-year-old former NFL player founded his own media company, Moss Martin Media in 2014, where he produces live events in sports, fashion and entertainment. It also hosted The game plan podcast where he conducted in-depth interviews with professional athletes and successful businessmen.

Fans met Dale in the controversial Season 16 of The bachelorette. Clare Crawley cut short her journey as a leader of The bachelorette because she fell in love with Dale in the first few weeks of the show. After leaving the show fiancée in week 4, the happy couple were headed for the most messy relationship in the world. Single the story. In no time, the couple publicly broke up on several occasions and even faced cheating charges. Just months after going public with their engagement, Dale announced in an Instagram post that he and Clare have called for their termination on January 19, 2021. The reality stars used their breakup just to reconcile as they became Instagram official again on April 7. , 2021. This came as no surprise to fans as they were spotted together on several vacations leading up to their reconciliation. Things seemed to be going on the right track for the couple as fans believed they were secretly married, but their troubled relationship officially ended on September 27, 2021. Clare released a long, captioned Instagram post saying that ‘she wouldn’t discuss the breakup but got tagged The single person alum, Abigail Heringer at post. Rumors were circulating that Dale and Abigail bonded when he and Clare were on one of their breaks and Clare appeared to confirm those rumors through the label.


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Dale is set to star in an upcoming romantic comedy, “Love, Game, Match.The Instagram account @bachelorrabbithole announced the reality TV star’s theatrical debut on Monday, December 13. The film revolves around The bachelorette the character of the alum, Ted, and the character of his costar Cristine Prosperi, Liz. Liz is a high school economics teacher and Ted is the high school tennis coach. After being tasked with creating a business plan, a few students create dating profiles for the two teachers to help them start their new matchmaking website. In addition to being set up through the dating service, the couple are both partnered up to help organize the school carnival. Throughout the movie, Liz begins to fall in love The bachelorette alum.

The movie gives off some major Hallmark Channel vibes through the trailer. Being that this is a romantic comedy, the plot feels a bit mundane even though the acting wasn’t all bad. Instagram users in the comments seemed impressed not only with Dale’s acting skills, but the film as a whole. “Okay they got me – I could actually watch it – it will be cheesy but I will have some snacksOne Instagram user wrote. Another said the movie didn’t look any worse than the holiday movies that people frantically watch on weekends.

Fans have speculated that Dale has come The bachelorette to advance his career and make himself known and if that’s true, it clearly worked. Who knows what happened in the privacy of their relationship, but Dale acted in a more collected way on social media when he and Clare were going through rough times when the former Bachelorette lead has become more explosive, damaging its credibility and its image. “Love, Game, Match“should be released in 2022.

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