Dating expert Frances Kelleher shares her five secrets to attracting the man you want


It’s been a difficult year and a half for singles. It was impossible to meet someone without resorting to the dreaded dating apps, and then if we correspond with someone we love, our dating options are limited to walks in the park or a pint. outdoors (if it’s not raining).

However, as the country begins to open up and more people get vaccinated, you might have a chance to meet the man of your dreams – and you’ll want to be ready when you finally have that opportunity.

Here, RSVP Dating Expert Frances Kellleher shares her five secrets to attracting the man you want.


I cannot stress how important this is. It sounds basic but smiling sends a signal to men that you are approachable and not threatening, which means everything to a guy when he’s interested. Make it easy for him and smile. One of the things I hear the most from men is that they don’t know where to start when approaching a woman they love. Most of the time the guy has to approach a group of women which is even more intimidating. 99% of the time a man won’t because it’s too risky for him, which brings me to my next point.

Learn to leave the wolf pack

Staying in the pack all night doesn’t help us, nor the men who want to talk to us. He does not encourage men to move. Get up and walk sporadically during your evening. Talk to people. Mingle. All of this creates a new network, so you meet new people. Go to the bar and the restroom on your own. Give men a chance to talk to you. Do this and the men will not only approach you, but they will talk to you, call you, come to you and offer to buy you a drink.

Turn on your green light

It’s probably one of the best-kept secrets in the dating world, but the woman is actually taking the first step. We send signals to tell a man whether or not it is safe to approach. Every woman has a traffic light, as I like to think, above her head with a red or green light telling men what to do. Stop and stay where you are (red) or yes you can approach (green). For example, to show green you have to smile and look into the eyes. You can look every now and then and smile or when you have eye contact let it linger a few seconds longer than usual before breaking it. These are all ways to turn on and show your green light. Once he approaches you, he then thinks he has taken the first step.

Stay in your feminine energy

Guys hate it when a woman exercises her masculine side. for example, to be insulting, to fight or to be aggressive. Men thrive on feminine energy because it includes encouragement, gentleness, appreciation, acceptance, support, and love. We women are champions at expressing all of these emotions, and men take advantage of it. When talking to a guy, sincerely express the emotions from the list above. Being in your feminine energy allows her to shine in her masculine energy. A man wants to find a woman who brings out the best in him. This is what a man lives for and wants from his wife. He wants to feel what you want and see his unique light. Through good conversation, you can bring out the best in a man – which I can guarantee is a direct lead to his heart.

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