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Demi Lovato performed the North American leg of her “HOLY FVCK” tour to an energetic crowd at The Anthem on Monday for what may be her final show in the district, according to a now-deleted Instagram post from last month.

Lovato has been open about her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction since 2010, when she went to rehab during her rise to Disney Channel stardom. The singer has been totally clean and sober for about a year after their 2018 overdose when they relapsed after six years of sobriety, but she experienced other health issues while on tour this year that marked the end of her career as tour.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Lovato wrote to her fans after waking up sick the morning of her show in Santiago, Chile, last month. “This next tour will be my last. I love you and thank you guys.

Following a bout of illness that caused Lovato to wake up speechless last week, the star was forced to postpone her show in Rosemont, Illinois last Wednesday, but she was back with her powerful voice just in time for her show DC.

Lovato opened the show with four tracks – “HOLY FVCK”, “FREAK”, “SUBSTANCE” and “EAT ME” – from their critically acclaimed eighth studio album, a departure from their previous soft pop album “Dancing With The Devil… The Art”. of Starting Over,” released April 2021. While Lovato’s new grungy rock album deviates from much of her discography, it also bears a striking resemblance to some of the beloved Disney tracks she came out as an angsty teenager as “Don’t Forget”. and “La La Land”, both of which made their way onto the setlist.

After the brief intro of her new music, Lovato’s all-female band moved on to “Here We Go Again” followed by “Remember December,” two pop-rock breakup songs from Lovato’s second studio album that were released during her beauties. days at Disney in 2009. The crowd sang along with every word, accompanying Lovato’s impressive vocal range and electric guitar playing skills.

Next, Lovato sang “La La Land” – one of my favorite upcoming Disney Channel songs. The tongue-in-cheek anthem still rings true today, as Lovato calls the music industry the ‘la la land machine’ despite representing Disney Channel at the time, a network that is known to profit of its young artists. Looking back, fans can’t help but notice the irony after Lovato opened up about the abuse she and countless other Disney stars have faced.

Lovato then sang “Don’t Forget”, the title track from her 2008 debut album. It was a cathartic experience to stand in a pit surrounded by other women in their twenties who grew up listening to a 16-year-old Lovato. singing those same songs when we were in elementary school.

Next, Lovato moved on to her newer catalog of songs, performing “The Art Of Starting Over,” an upbeat but quiet track from their 2021 album. Lovato told the crowd that although her new album is her favorite that she has ever released, this track is the most valuable from her previous album. The crowd danced to the catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics, providing a needed variation from the electric guitar riffs.

“These next two songs are very special to me,” Lovato told the audience after a break. “I wrote it falling in love,” she said before performing “4 EVER 4 ME,” a ballad written for Lovato’s boyfriend and fellow musician Jordan Lutes. The track samples The Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris,” which an emotional Lovato sang in the middle of “4 EVER 4 ME,” to replace the song’s bridge.

The poignant vibe continued with “Skyscraper,” the only song on the setlist from his 2011 album “Unbroken.” The emotional ballad detailing Lovato’s personal battle with self-harm struck a chord with many fans in the audience, prompting members of the crowd to sway with their phone flashlights beaming through the air.

The heightened emotions were sustained in the next song, “29”, widely speculated to be about Lovato’s former relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama. When the couple started dating, Lovato was underage and Valderrama was 29. In “29”, Lovato explains that after turning 29 herself, she recognizes their past relationship as grooming. Valderrama also admitted to dating actresses Mandy Moore and Lindsay Lohan when they were 15 and 17 and he was well into his twenties.

Lovato referenced the recent TikTok trend in which survivors of abusive relationships with large age gaps are using audio to share their stories. “This song is really important to me – when I released it, many of you posted your stories on social media,” Lovato told the crowd.

“If you identify with this song, I’m so sorry,” Lovato continued. “No one should ever have to identify with this song. If you do, I see you, hear you, and love you.

Lovato closed the show with her fan-favorite track “Cool for the Summer.” The single achieved success the year it was released in 2015, peaking at 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and charting for 20 consecutive weeks. But last year the song took on new life on TikTok, with several sped up versions amassing more than 5 million videos on the app.

Lovato never fails to dazzle with her voice as a live performer, but it was obvious from her lack of energy during Monday’s show that a period of rest away from the limelight could go a long way. benefit the ever-evolving artist. Even though the crowd enjoyed the show, loyal fans who stuck around for over a decade will be more than sympathetic to Lovato taking some time off.

Lovato is undeniably an incomparable talent who has overcome countless obstacles in her life, but she should put her mental and physical health first rather than “passing on” for her fans.

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