Digital Dating: How To Be Safe On A Tinder Date


People looking to go out on dates have a lot more options for finding a match than in the past. Fifty years ago, your best chance at finding a partner was to network at small events or to introduce yourself to a friend of a friend. Now, singles can just create an online account on a dating website or app and start swiping. The internet has opened up many dating opportunities, but it’s important to remember that your safety should always come first.

Why use online dating?

There is no doubt that online dating is very common and millions of people around the world are using these resources at any given time. It’s interesting to take a step back and wonder why online dating has become popular with so many people.

On the one hand, online dating broadens the range of people available to chat with. Just enter your search criteria, including age and location, and the app will generate potential matches for you. This greatly increases your options, as you might never have met one of these people otherwise. Online dating also allows you to woo someone who lives across the world. Many long distance relationships have started with the two corresponding partners on a dating app.

Digital dating can also save time in the long run. If you start chatting with someone, you might realize from the first few messages that you aren’t going to hear each other. You can easily end the conversation and let them know you’re not interested. It’s about being on a traditional date and realizing you don’t like the person at the start of the night. You might be stuck there all night out of politeness, which will waste your both of your time.

Finally, using a dating app is more affordable than dating someone in person. Many dating apps are free unless you want extra features. It’s much cheaper than going out with people for days in a row and having to pay for dinner, drinks, movie tickets, event fees, etc.

How to stay safe – do a background check

The majority of people looking for love online are straightforward and honest about who they are and what they mean. Unfortunately, there are still rare instances where someone is lying through their character online.

Once you decide that you like someone enough to meet them in person, you need to do your due diligence to make sure that you have all the information about them. You can do this by performing a free background check to try and uncover their criminal, work, and educational records. The criminal record is the most important part, as you can use it to see if they have ever been charged with sexual misconduct, assault, or theft. This will give you a good idea of ​​whether or not it is safe to meet them.

Check social media accounts

Taking a look at someone’s social media pages is a great way to find information about your Tinder match. They may have hidden things from you during the chat, which can be a red flag. By scrolling through their posts, photos, tweets, and videos, you can find out what they do for fun, their opinions on certain topics, and how they treat others. You can also find out if they are currently in a relationship or have children.

Finding out something on social media doesn’t necessarily mean breaking a deal. Depending on what it is, you may decide to ask them about it. If you are reasonably happy with their explanation, try to put it in the past and move on with the omission. Let them know that you expect open communication in the future.

Insist on video chat

If you only communicate by text and phone calls, you have no way of seeing the person until you meet them. By having a video call with the person, you verify that their dating profile was legitimate and that they are not claiming a false identity.

Video calls will also reduce the risk of you being trapped by your Tinder match or tricked by them using an old photo of themselves.

Arrange your own transport for a public meeting

For the first two dates, never meet the person at home or in a private place. Only accept the meeting if it is in a public place such as a cafe or restaurant. Also, try to organize the timing so that it is not too late in the evening and there are still lots of people. If something is wrong, there will be witnesses around who can help you.

On top of that, don’t let the person pick you up from your home. Instead, drive yourself or arrange a ride to the meeting place. You also shouldn’t let your date drop off at the end of the night. Don’t tell them where you live until you are 100% sure they have good intentions.

Limit alcohol consumption

People who go out on a first date sometimes feel nervous and drink a lot of alcohol to calm them down. This is a bad idea because you are leaving yourself vulnerable to the other person, which could potentially harm you. You need to stay sober to stay in control of your thoughts and decisions throughout the date. Also, never leave a glass uncovered when you are not looking at it. This is a great opportunity for someone to drug your drink.

Let someone know where you are

One of the best safety precautions you should take before dating a new partner is to let someone you trust know where you will be. Give them all the details you know about your date and give them a general time to expect you to be home. If you’re not home at the time, give him a call or text him to let him know you’re okay.

If you want, you can even have your friend or family member in the cafe or restaurant during your date. They can stay the whole evening, or they can see that everything is fine and go home.

Put GPS on your phone

Having a surveillance system on your phone is a smart planning decision for your safety. Share the data with a trusted confidant so they can monitor you throughout the date. It’s a less intrusive way to keep yourself safe, as you don’t need to inquire with your contact since they already know where you are.

Many GPS tracking apps have built-in SOS functionality. If you press this button, it will give your friend a notification of your location and a request for help. They can then alert authorities and direct them to your current location or your last known location.

Last word

Correspondence on Tinder can be exciting and could potentially lead to a relationship between the two of you. Remember to keep your security measures in place, then get out there and have fun!

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