Emmys 2022: Top Shows Without Nominations, Excluded, Snubs – List

We get it: there’s too much television these days.

It’s hard to get too worked up about Emmy snobs when there are dozens of channels and hundreds of shows competing for a few precious nomination slots. And we’re happy to see the very worthy shows and performances that have been honored in this year’s Emmy nominations. (Yay, Abbott Elementary School! Cheers, Rhea Seehorn!) But still, we’re a bit stunned that there are quite a few quality TV shows that have managed to not earn a single Emmy nomination in any category. Like, not even one.

So, to get over our yearly angst, we here at TVLine decided to put together this list of some of our favorite shows, from highly rated streamed comedies to critically acclaimed streaming gems that didn’t land any nominations. Emmys this year. Maybe Emmy voters didn’t even know these shows existed, and this will be the boost they need to nominate them next year? Well, we can hope, anyway.

Read on to see which shows deserved better nominations at this year’s Emmys — even a token nod in the technical categories would have been nice — and then Hit the comments to let us know which of your favorite shows was also left out.


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