Farmer Wants A Wife Episode 2: “I feel sick” Farmer Will sends Tammy to pack after only ONE date


It seems like age isn’t just a number for Farmer Will, who became the first and only farmer to slaughter the herd tonight.

After each farmer invited their five dating hopefuls to their property to test country life, host Natalie Gruzlewski again stepped in as matchmaker – this time telling each farmer they had to make a choice. , either keep the five girls on the farm or send someone home with whom they hadn’t sparked.

Camera iconFarmer Will reads Nat’s letter.

And while four in five farmers thought a night with their ladies wasn’t long enough to make such a heavy decision, Will, 39, a sheep and cattle farmer, was safer.

Will picked Tammy for the first ‘face to face’ date – which saw each farmer bring home one of their potential ‘wives’ home for a first date and a time alone before the set. actors and crew do not join.

Once the four remaining ladies joined Will at his Longwood estate, Victoria, the blue-eyed cowboy questioned his newfound female acquaintances about their marriage and childrens desires.

Tammy felt it coming.
Camera iconTammy felt it coming.

But Tammy, a 40-year-old esthetician and massage therapist, was forced to show her own body clock in front of the group of mostly younger women.

“Every girl here really wants to have a family someday, and they have that advantage because they’re a lot younger than me, that could be a deciding factor for him,” Tammy said.

It was a tricky moment that Will played by embarking on a handyman job, but when Gruzlewski’s letter arrived he couldn’t deny his concerns.

Pulling Tammy into the back garden for a private chat, Will said “reality hit a lot today.”

“I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m going to be very honest, it’s so ridiculously difficult for me and that’s why I can’t even look you in the eye,” Will started.

“You just did absolutely nothing wrong, you are wonderful.”

It was a tearful goodbye, but Tammy finally thanked Will for his honesty.
Camera iconIt was a tearful goodbye, but Tammy finally thanked Will for his honesty.

Tammy, catching the drift of Will’s breakup, stepped in to assure Will that he had to “trust his instincts”.

“I appreciate your honesty and I would have preferred you to tell me now rather than having two or three weeks later,” she added.

“I feel sick to be honest,” Will added.

And with that, a production car miraculously arrived at Will’s remote property to take Tammy away from the group dinner, Tammy adding that she felt her age was an “underlying factor.”

“Family is part of the decision, I would love to have a wife and kids, I want a big family,” Will admitted.

“Sitting on the porch watching the sunset 20 years from now, it wasn’t Tammy next to me, but I’m telling you whoever has her next to them is a very lucky man.”

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