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When it comes to any successful business, exceptional customer experience is the name of the game. A business that ignores this in today’s age of hyperactive customers can threaten its very existence. over the years has kept customers at the heart of all strategic activities that have led to its success.

Company veteran Ajay Poddar, VP of Engineering at, took this rule to heart. It leverages technology to enhance the customer experience and meet the need for exceptional services.

1. At, most of your customers are millennials, and modernizing the experience is a priority for organizations focused on tapping into the matrimonial demands of this segment, because it is a segment demanding customers who demand and expect better experiences. How are you trying to drive it within your organization?

Millennials make up a large majority of our target market. When using our apps, they demand faster response times and need to be able to perform actions with minimal clicks, primarily due to their short attention spans. Our team works very hard to satisfy our customers by introducing features such as two-way correspondence, video calls, etc. We also strive to provide an intuitive user experience across all touchpoints. This not only provides convenience, but also helps improve the customer experience.

We also pursue quick impact projects, where the number of actions required is minimal but the reaction and results are immediate.

2. When we talk about large-scale digital innovation and operations, data becomes the mind and the cloud becomes the backbone of the digital model. How do you leverage data and ML to match people with their future life partners?

Data is the foundation of our business. And gleaning insights from data is what gives us a competitive edge. A surefire way to gain a sustainable competitive advantage is to invest significant effort, time, and money in building ML models. We are resolutely focused on this business. We have over 100 running ML models to help achieve the different goals. Most of our models are real-time and heavily leverage cloud infrastructure. We have text generation templates to help users write about themselves, custom pricing, and more. with one of these templates we were able to reduce the time it takes for an image to appear on a user’s profile by 95%, we also reduced the manual labor to screen those images by 50%.

3. In an online matchmaking business like, how does a multi-cloud hybrid environment provide greater operational agility and power to quickly identify, analyze and respond to changes in these environments mixed?

Our philosophy is simple, we focus on the business we are good at and specialize in, and work with partners wherever they specialize.

We work with partners who help us solve our problems, including hosting. This led us to use micro-services, which the interns help deploy on different cloud platforms. For example, we would prefer to host a given microservice on a different hosting platform depending on the specialization of the partner.

We understand that buying power helps us get the best price/discount, so currently we have over 75% of our hosting workload on a single cloud provider

4. What are some of the top IT priorities you and your organization are leading for the next 2-3 years? »

Our main IT priorities are:

1. Collaborate with two or three cloud providers, with the goal of getting the most out of their respective specialization, in a way that maximizes benefits while minimizing duplication of effort

2. Set up services at different cloud providers

3. Adapt to rapid changes in technology and focus more on R&D

4. Improve and invest in security, data protection and privacy

5. Hire, retain talent and develop the team

6. Improve existing ML models and create new models to help solve business challenges

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