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The adorable and goofy Joey Tribbiani is undoubtedly one of the Friends’ most memorable characters. Yet Joey isn’t just known for his love of food and his simplistic outlook on life. Throughout his 10 seasons on the iconic sitcom, fans watched Joey take on a series of embarrassing jobs in order to pursue his dream of becoming a successful actor.

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The journey has certainly been difficult at times, and Joey’s desire to succeed in a competitive field has often led him to make bad choices. Whether it’s lying about his resume or criticizing the writers at his job, many of Joey’s decisions led to his dismissal, but how many of his misadventures managed to slip through the cracks?

ten When he showered in the lead actor trailer

Joey in the Shower Smiling at Friends

After going to work with an unpleasant smell, Joey decides to go to the main actor’s dressing room in order to use his shower. Unfortunately for Joey, he gets caught by Charlton Heston, who misunderstands Joey’s reasoning for invading his dressing room.

After Heston tells Joey to get dressed, he gives him acting advice, believing that Joey thinks he “stinks”. Things ended up working out for Joey, but Heston could easily have kicked Joey out of the movie for violating his space.

9 When he gave away Central Perk’s food for free

Joey works at Central Perk on Friends.

Joey’s brief stint as a waiter at Central Perk certainly wasn’t his best time, but it was filled with plenty of mishaps at work. Certainly one of the worst things Joey did at work was giving free food to attractive women.

After learning from Guther that customers were given free food on their birthday, everyone Joey considered datable ended up receiving free birthday treats. Although Gunther was taking the cost of all the free items off Joey’s tips, he had more than enough reason to just show him the door.

8 When he claimed to be a professional dancer

Joey tries to be a professional dancer on Friends.

After Joey lied about being a professional dancer on his resume (claiming to know both modern dance and ballet), Joey is asked to teach his fellow actors the combination for their audition. When the director witnesses the bizarre and awkward performance taught to the group, he asks Joey to show the crew the correct piece. Frightened, Joey runs away, but technically he should have been released long before that point.

It’s strange the director didn’t ask to see Joey do the combination before taking off and even more surprising that Joey managed to go as far with his cunning as he did.

7 When he created a false identity

Joey wearing a suit and tie on Friends.

After Chandler gets Joey a job at his company as an entry-level processor, things seem to run smoothly, until Joey creates “Joesph the Processing Guy,” his office persona. While Joseph and his imaginary family initially seem harmless, Joey’s creation begins to make things difficult for Chandler when Joesph begins calling him out in front of his boss and blaming him for his own mistakes.

Although Chandler tries to fire Joesph, he realizes he can’t, because Joesph is from another department. However, Joey agrees to leave. However, he most certainly should have been fired after the scale of the conflict he caused.

6 When he refused to read

After being fired from Days of our lives, Joey has a second chance to return to the show but first ruins it by refusing to read for the character. Going into a fit and declaring that he doesn’t need to audition for the role, Joey leaves.

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But after his other series is canceled, he realizes he has to go back and try to secure the role. While the role he originally wanted had already been chosen, Joey manages to revive his old role as Doctor Drake. Still, Terry certainly didn’t need to offer Joey anything after his rude and unprofessional outburst.

5 When he cheated on his drunk co-star

Matt LeBlanc and Gary Oldman on Friends acting side by side.

After finding out he had to work the day he’s supposed to officiate at Monica and Chandler’s wedding, Joey tries to rush the scene for his next movie. However, when he realizes he can’t, as his co-star Richard is incredibly drunk and doesn’t remember his lines, Joey tries to leave but is told he has to stay as long as Richard is. on the set and awake.

So to get there, Joey tricks Richard into thinking the shoot is over for the day and takes it off the set. It’s certainly a strange situation, but cheating on her co-star intoxicated was certainly not something that would never be appropriate.

4 When he attacked his colleague on live television

Joey on the phone in a tuxedo in Friends.

Convinced that he will host the PBS telethon, Joey shows up in a tuxedo, only to find out that he’s actually supposed to be a telephone operator and isn’t even visible on screen. Later, after another operator refuses to change seats with him, Joey physically attacks the man while the show is being broadcast live.

Yet Joey is later seen again in his place of origin despite his violent behavior, continuing to make commitments. It’s shocking that Joey wasn’t asked to leave the set after his extreme outburst of aggression.

3 When he slept with his co-star

Joey and Kate in a scene together in Friends.

While starring in the play “Boxing Day” alongside actress Kate Miller, Joey ends up developing feelings for his co-star that are ultimately mutual. The two end up sleeping together (as Kate is also dating the director of the play), but Joey ends up injuring himself after learning that Kate is walking away.

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Plus, he ends up spoiling his performance (although the play has already received bad reviews) after learning that Kate is leaving and uses her character’s big speech as a way to say goodbye to her. There are a lot of red flags here, like the director dating Kate and throwing her out later, but once things got clearly unprofessional, Joey should have been asked to leave.

2 When he slept with extras the days of our life

Joey and Phoebe are chatting on Friends.

After Joey finds a job for Phoebe as an extra Days of our lives, she ends up getting too into character and slaps Joey in the face, saying he slept with her but never called her afterward. While Phoebe’s statement was aimed at her character, several other extras step in, claiming that Joey slept with them as well.

The extra’s statements end up being ignored and Phoebe ends up getting fired. Yet Joey’s unprofessional behavior towards female workers certainly should have been taken more seriously than it was.

1 When he shows his hernia to a child

Joey shows a child his hernia in Friends.

After losing his health insurance due to a lack of work, Joey is increasingly desperate to find an acting job. Unfortunately, he catches a hernia after lifting weights, which only further affects his ability to find work. After Joey finally manages to secure a role of “Dying Man”, he and Chandler become frustrated when the child actor chosen by his side suspends production when he is not crying as directed.

Chandler asks Joey to show the boy his hernia, which makes the child cry. Joey certainly would have been fired if someone else on set had realized he had exposed a young boy to something obviously disturbing and inappropriate.

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