Furious Celebs Go Dating Agent Reveals Series Of Explosive Clashes With ‘Fake’ Star

CELEBS Go Dating guru Paul Carrick-Brunson has revealed he’s come to blows with a star who “started in the gutter” when they joined the famed agency.

The 47-year-old will be seen in a furious brawl with Ryan-Mark Parsons tonight after receiving the lowest score in the show’s history.


Paul Carrick-Brunson recounted on-screen clashes this series1 credit
Ryan-Mark Parsons gets carried away in tonight's episode


Ryan-Mark Parsons gets carried away in tonight’s episode1 credit

Mortified Ryan-Mark rages with his date who said he was a “three out of ten”.

It ends in a “dramatic” confrontation, forcing Paul to step in and deliver Ryan-Mark some home truths.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Paul says: “Every celebrity comes with a facade – an act, a shield, an offense, a fake, call it what you want, but it’s a facade.

“It’s our job to break that facade. It starts with Tom at reception where he really breaks through and opens them up and then we come in and destroy everything.”

“There will always be a crisis, because when you tell someone the truth, not everyone wants to receive it.

“There was a lot of truth in this show and a lot of people didn’t want to hear the truth, but we made sure they heard it.”

When asked who he was most proud of on the show after taking the advice of dating agents, Paul replied, “Ryan-Mark started in the gutter, stayed in the gutter and threw a punch. out of the gutter at the very end.”

Paul’s co-star, dating expert Anna Williamson, added: “He really is a standout star.

“He may be the least known of our cast, but that’s often what’s exciting. You can see how they grow.”

Last night’s launch episode was left on a cliff after celebrities delivered their savage reviews.

Ryan-Mark told The Sun: “It was mortifying. Bearing in mind that we had no idea we were doing blind dates.

“I had the lowest mark of everyone in front of the whole group.

“What really pissed me off – pissed me off – was that he gave me no indication of what he was thinking on the date, he was smiling and laughing.

“I was really shocked so I told him the truth.

“I gave my answer and heard everyone gasp, it was quite dramatic.”

  • Celebs Go Dating continues tonight at 9 p.m. on E4.
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