Harry Styles is sad he missed season 8 of Love Island UK

Harry Styles was, in his own words, disgusted that he missed Season 8 of The Island of Love UK. The iconic pop star spoke to rolling stone this month and talked about his explosive life. Between the tour and his relationship with Olivia Wilde, it seems Styles had little time to catch up on some of his favorite TV shows. One of these shows happens to be Love Island UK.

But who can blame him? It’s the ultimate “turn on the TV and turn off your mind” entertainment. It’s distracting at its best and good background noise at its worst. One thing about reality TV: You know it’s not like before. Sorry not sorry.

Via ScreenRant:

“The UK-born singer admitted he was quite upset that he missed the final season of the island of love due to his busy touring schedule. Harry mentioned the popular British dating series in an interview with rolling stone while discussing his post-tour relaxation plans. The singer will wrap up his European tour at the end of August and admitted he would like to catch up on a few shows, one being the island of loveas it was ‘empty ‘ missing the new season. Harry also hopes to start watching the beara new series on Hulu that received rave reviews from fans and critics.

It’s funny. We all tend to think that A-list celebrities are very different people from us. But honestly, that’s just not the case. In the end, they’re just normal people who like normal things. But we have to admit. The idea of ​​Harry Styles shouting into his TV while watching The Island of Love UK is something we would pay money to see.

And the guy has good taste. the island of love is just a good TV, and the bear is honestly one of the best shows of the year, hands down. The guy has good taste.

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