Hello, goodbye and everything else

Film critic

When Aidan and Clare first look at each other, there’s absolutely no doubt that they were made for each other. They both feel the gentle sting of Cupid’s arrow hitting their heart-shaped bullseye.

I mean, this pair is just as cute and sparkly. They joke around with the aplomb of a team of romantic screenwriters. And they block others at the party – where they literally passed each other – as if they were being followed by a two-person spotlight.

But there’s a big problem: Clare has already determined that she’s not will be his mother.

Clare’s mother, you see, fell in love when she was in high school. She put aside her career plans. She married Claire’s father. Then this “perfect” love crumbled under the pressure of real life, ending in divorce.

Of course, sweet and cute, Clare was the byproduct of this quick and fleeting union. But Clare has watched her single mum struggle with money and bounce from relationship to relationship ever since. And she is determined not to repeat these kinds of mistakes.

So while this first meeting with Aidan unfolds with perfect, smiling bliss, she pulls back the romantic reins and makes everything as clear as possible: she plans to head off to college next year completely single. Period!

Aidan, who feels the same twinge in Clare’s heart, understands her statement. (He’s the nice, nice kind of guy he is.) But couldn’t they, you know, just enjoy each other’s company for the remaining year of high school anyway, wonders- does he? I mean, they’re kinda rocking that relational guitar like a 12-string superstar right now.

Claire can’t disagree. They’re as perfectly cute together as a pair of puppies in a basket. So she offers Aidan a compromise. They can conclude a “breaking pact”. They will stay together for now. After 10 months, they will separate. No matter what. Ten months, and it’s over—finito!

Aidan quickly accepts.

But months of blissful love can also have consequences.

Especially when you get to that last date.

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