“How I Met Your Dad” from Hulu and “Naomi” from The CW

were you a how I Met Your Mother viewer who wanted to see the Hulu spin-off, how i met your father? Or maybe you’re a DC Comics fan who’s been looking forward to CW’s latest superhero series, Noemie. Either way, check out critic Linda Maleh’s take on the two series, currently in season, below.

how i met your father

It’s the spinoff no one asked for, and unsurprisingly, the premise remains outdated. Still, while the sitcom doesn’t have you laughing out loud like the original, it’s good for the occasional chuckle.

The charming cast helps, including Hilary Duff as Sophie, replacing Ted Mosby as the sappy protagonist in search of his soulmate; Jesse (Chris Lowell, GLOW), Sophie’s new friend who would like to be more; and Ellen (Tien Tran), Jesse’s doting scene-stealing sister, a divorced lesbian who’s new to New York and its dating scene.

Kim Cattrall is unfortunately miscast as Older Sophie. His forced-sounding voiceovers jarringly encroach on the main storyline.

Who’s the father? I don’t care, but I don’t mind hanging out with this ragtag crew in the meantime either.

Evaluation: 3/5 stars


Naomi’s (Kaci Walfall) life is perfect. The titular character of The CW’s new teen superhero show is an army brat with a best friend, several guys and girls who fear for her, and loving, supportive parents. Without conflict, there’d be no reason to watch at all if Naomi didn’t develop superpowers – she knew she was adopted, but not that she was from another planet.

Just to confuse things, another DC Comics character, Superman – of whom Naomi is a superfan – is initially cast as fictional, but later turns out to be real, apparently not the same one flying around on The CW. Superman and Lois. On the teenage and super aspects, this series misses the mark.

Evaluation: 2.5/5 stars

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