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It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about Christmas gifts and Black Friday shopping. So, as any good privacy professional knows, the Mozilla * privacy guide not included is the place to go to learn more about the “dread” of the latest toy or gift you are looking to buy.

This year, the guide reviews 151 products, from smart toys to exercise equipment, and provides extensive information on the privacy features of each product. The purpose of the guide is to share information regarding privacy and data collection practices for smart products. Clicking on a particular product reviewed on the website will bring you a summary of the data collection and privacy policies of the product and the guide rating for the product. Users can also vote and rate products on a “scary” scale, ranging from “not scary” to “super scary”.

Mozilla’s press release for the 2021 guide noted that “researchers spent over 950 hours reviewing 151 connected gifts in six categories: smart home, toys and games, entertainment, wearable devices, health and exercise, and animals. of company “. The guide even reviews video calling apps and dating apps. This year, Mozilla identified 47 products with their “Privacy Not Included” warning label. Mozilla also identified 22 products in its “Best of” category that “do a good job of protecting your privacy and security”.

The guide does a big job for you by finding and reading the privacy policies. The guide also answers important privacy questions such as whether a product can spy on you, whether an email address is required to sign up, what personal data the device collects, how the company uses the data ‘it collects, how you can control your data, the company’s known history of protecting user data, whether the product can be used offline, and whether the privacy information is user-friendly. The guide also provides links to the privacy policies available for each of the products reviewed.

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