How to cancel Tinder Gold


We’ve all been there: You’re under the covers, scrolling through Tinder long after bedtime. You are on a left swipe roll and accidentally pass someone you swiped so hard your thumb broke.

The only way to rewind – reverse your last shot – is to pay for Tinder, so why not go ahead and drop a few bucks a month to pay one. ? This will set you back $ 14.99 for a month, although the cost per month decreases as you subscribe: $ 7.50 per month for six months ($ 49.99 in total) or $ 5.00 per month for 12 months ($ 59.99 total).

If, when you receive the next month’s charge, you regret that decision, you will need to cancel Tinder Gold. Here’s how to do it.

What is Tinder Gold in the first place?

Tinder Gold is one of the dating app tier subscription options. Maybe they call it gold because it’s the Goldilocks of plans, having more benefits (and costing more) than Tinder Plus, but fewer benefits and a lower price tag than Tinder Platinum. .

With all Tinder subscriptions, you don’t see ads. You have unlimited likes (vs. 100 swipes right per day for free users), unlimited rewinds and you can use the function for any location.

Tinder Gold, unlike Tinder Plus, also , where the app offers you your “most interesting matches”. You will get one free per month, which makes you a top profile in your area for 30 minutes, and free Super Likes, which let the user know you liked them before they like you back.

In addition to all these features, Tinder Platinum allows you to see the likes that you have created; gives you , which puts you at the top of your potential match options; and allows you .

How to cancel Tinder Gold

How you depends on how you subscribed. Removing the app from your phone will not cancel the subscription, and if you purchased it through the Apple or Google Play Store, deleting your Tinder account won’t cancel it either.

If you purchased Tinder Gold on your iPhone, open your settings and tap your name. Then tap subscriptions, select your Tinder subscription and tap Cancel subscription.

For Android, there are two options. If you purchased through the Google play store, go ahead on your Android. Tap the Menu icon and navigate to Subscriptions. Select the Tinder subscription and choose Cancel subscription.

If you’ve used the direct credit card option on Android, open Tinder on your device. Go to your profile, tap Manage Payment Account, then tap Cancel Subscription.

Finally, if you purchased Tinder Gold through Tinder’s navigation app, head over to the site. Tap the profile icon, navigate to Manage Account, then click Cancel or turn off auto-renewal. Deleting your Tinder account on the browser site also automatically cancels the subscription if you purchased it there.

Still having problems? Tinder has a separate article for , but they are essentially the same instructions. If you need personalized help, take a screenshot of what you see and .

What happens when I delete Tinder Gold?

You will still have access to paid features until the end of the subscription. Tinder does not pro-rate fees based on the cancellation date and does not retroactively refund previous payments.

Canceling your paid subscription doesn’t delete your Tinder account, so you can still use it for free. If you want the extras again, you can always start a new subscription. Until then, enjoy your sweeps without regret.

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