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Transform your private space into a welcoming place

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In 2020, there were a lot of singles spending time alone at home. Dating apps had unprecedented enrollments and virtual dating became something everyone did, not just people in long-distance relationships. Social distance was the only distance. Our homes have become our private sanctuary for the sole purpose of making us comfortable in a stressful world.

We are now in 2021, and even though 2021 looks like the second half of 2020, the reality is that we are slowly coming back to some level of normalcy and some level of in-person connection. As you find yourself surrounded by more people, it also means that you are more likely to invite someone special to your home. It’s time to transform your private space into a welcoming one. Such a welcoming place that they can’t wait to come back.

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You need to update your place. The truth is, this has been a problem for many men long before 2020. TV, movies, and community culture have made men believe the wrong ideas about what their house should look like.

There are three key things to remember when preparing your home to invite someone: the senses, the stories, and the personalization. Make it engaging with each of the five senses, have stories to tell, and of course make the place a personal reflection of you. When it comes to customization, whatever you choose to put in your home should represent your style in an elegant way. Stories that explain why you chose something, your knowledge of it, or your experience make a visit to your home more interesting. As far as your senses are concerned, everything here looks chic, it’s just about awakening the other senses as well.


Everyone’s place has a smell. Everyone. You might not recognize it in yourself, because you’ve gone blind, but you still notice it in someone else. When that front door opens and someone walks in, before they see anything, the smell hits them. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad smell, but it’s different. You want it to be enjoyable. Different is only acceptable if it is pleasant. First, get yourself a diffuser. You can get a plug-in or one with reeds sticking out, but the former is lazy and the latter (unless it really matches your personality) makes it look like you’ve ripped a page out of a magazine. decoration to find ideas. This is your place, not a magazine.

Lava Rock Diffuser by Mixture


From the Mixture Man collection, these naturally porous rocks are not only ideal for diffusing scent oils and making your interior smell great, but the design adds a unique earthy element to your rooms.

$ 49.99 at

Hourglass Diffuser by Hysascent

Hourglass Diffuser by HysascentHysascent

Not only is this diffuser a next level luxury, but the flowing oil is mesmerizing and adds a unique visual dimension to having a diffuser in your home.

$ 178 at


Get candles for the dinner table. A candle is not only for scent, it is also for adding a romantic mood. By the way, learn to light a match. Either you read this and you say to yourself “obviously” or “this is what lighters are for”. If you are in the “obviously” crowd, you can move on to the first candle. For the rest of you, learning how to light a match is a good skill to have. So when you were a kid you were told not to play with matches and as an adult you discovered fancy lighters. It is very good. But what if the lighter has run out of fluid or you go to someone else’s house and they don’t have a lighter. Will you be the guy who can’t strike a match? Not anymore, because now you know it’s a skill you have to learn.

HEROES in Niani by Nomad Noé

HEROES in Niani by Nomad NoéNoah Noah

Not only does this creamy vanilla with a blend of toasted tonka beans smell great AF, but it can’t hurt to have HERO in all caps for some not-so-subliminal messaging. Put it on your table ASAP.

$ 65 on NomadNoé.com

Bambi’s Joy

Bambi's JoyBambi

The Hive Luxury Fragrances candle collection includes various affirmation words and you need to choose the fragrance / word combination that best suits you. We chose Joy because the scent is there and the word is most likely to put you in a good mood.

$ 30 at

Light – Palo Santo by TO112

Light - Palo Santo by TO112TO112

This is for the man who is not really a candle lover but could still benefit from a candle. This candle is placed in a glass jar and its crop circle resembling an alien logo is sure to catch the eye, but it is only a candle when you open the glass jar. Otherwise, it could just be a glass jar on your dining table.

$ 55 at


Another skill that every man should have is to be able to cook. But that’s not what we’re here for. Beyond learning to cook, we recommend having ready-to-eat aphrodisiacs. According to Amy Reiley – one of the world’s foremost authorities on edible aphrodisiacs – chili peppers, honey, saffron, mangoes and chocolate are some of the most sensual foods.

Beeham Organic Honey by Crawford Farm

Beeham Organic Honey by Crawford FarmCrawford Farm

Clayne Crawford gained a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most respected actors, so it’s no surprise that he and his wife started the Clayne Crawford Foundation to support many causes by raising awareness and promoting strengthening donation campaigns. Harvested on Crawford Farm, this honey will not only satisfy sweet cravings, but your purchase benefits those who need it.

$ 25 at

Bartender Mixology Kit by Gentlemen’s Hardware

Gentlemen's Hardware Bartender Mixology KitMen’s hardware

Any man who drinks alcohol should be prepared to make drinks. Don’t just pour a drink into a drink. Mix a fancy cocktail together. You don’t have to be a pro doing tricks, you don’t work for a tip, but you definitely need to know how to mix up a few specialty drinks. That’s why we love this mixology kit. A pestle, jigger, and cocktail shaker with built-in strainer, all included, make mixing a drink incredibly easy. With mangoes and chili peppers on hand, a spicy mango margarita is just the aphrodisiac to start the night.

$ 42 on


Nothing tells a story like books. Literally. Get a stylish bookshelf and fill it with books that showcase who you are. These books should be both useful and reflect your passions.

Read the books. Don’t be that guy with books he never reads trying to sound smart. One question about the books you haven’t read and your house of cards collapses. That doesn’t mean they all need to be read before they’re on the shelf. Most should be. The rest should be on your reading list.

Here are a few suggestions, but make sure the books stay true to who you are.

Tacos de Trejo by Danny Trejo

Trejoâ € ™ s Tacos by Danny TrejoDanny trejo

Machete himself shares recipes from his restaurant, as well as dishes that aren’t on the menu. Cookbooks that are not from reality TV chefs show that some thought has gone into the literature of your choice.

$ 18.99 at

The Art of the Butcher by Lindsey Fitzharris

The Art of the Butcher by Lindsey FitzharrisLindsey Fitzharris

If you are in the medical field, please do not fill your shelf with reference books. Keep them somewhere in a closet. To display a passion for your field, consider this book on Joseph Lister, whose namesake inspired Listerine after he revolutionized medicine by advocating for clean work environments.

$ 7.89 at

Green light by Matthew McConaughey

Green light by Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey

If you are a self-help addict, this is the option that is anything but the typical self-help book and it’s absolutely great. McConaughey is considered a national treasure and an icon for men around the world. Reading this book will give you a lot to think about and discuss.

$ 16.95 at


No recliners in front of the TV, unless you have a designated home theater room. No ottomans unless it’s a Lovesac and again only if you have a separate room which is not your main living room. No leather sofas. Make no mistake, leather sofas are chic, but they stick badly to the skin in the heat and they have a habit of making annoying noises.

Kova Pit by Albany Park

Kova Pit by Albany ParkAlbany Park

As far as we are concerned, the Kova Pit is the last sofa you will ever need for your home. With a design that harmonizes with old-fashioned and ultramodern luxury, cushions that make you feel like you’re on a cloud, not to mention a modular arrangement with seemingly endless configuration options – it’s the sofa for your life.

$ 3,520 at Albany Park

Add smart speakers with your choice of music subscription (bonus points for a record player too) with these other enchanting senses and watch your private space transform into a truly welcoming one.

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