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From working at home and home workouts to virtual concerts and online dating, almost every aspect of our lives has evolved online over the past twelve months. Industries large and small have had to adapt to the so-called “new normal” to deliver their products under ever-changing restrictions.

The fashion industry, in particular, had to pivot quickly to adapt to today’s climate as catwalks were empty across the world and fashion trends gave way to fluffy leggings and socks. With so many of us visible only from the waist down on Zoom calls, comfort has become the key to the work wardrobe.

However, that doesn’t mean the industry necessarily suffers.

Over the past year or so, many of us have found ourselves emptying our wardrobes – donating dresses, tops, and old jewelry to charity stores – and ending up with many empty shelves to fill. Not only that, but with the lockdown dragging on, Ireland’s delivery drivers have been put to work as we shop for runners and anti-squat leggings to match our new sporting lifestyles of daily rides and swimming in the sea.

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Arnotts Spring / Summer 2021

Before you pull out your credit card, it’s important to remember that your wardrobe should be durable. The object of the game is to build a capsule wardrobe that can survive any season, with quality items that will stand the test of time.

We caught up with Clara Halpin, Personal Purchasing Manager at Arnotts, to find out what we should invest in, the biggest mistakes Irish shoppers make and how she has adjusted to life online.

When it comes to working directly with clients, Clara says she and her team have uploaded photos to WhatsApp, recorded videos of items to show how they move and look in a certain light, and book items. Zoom calls to get a feel for a potential client’s style.

“I’ll ask them to send me a picture of themselves so I can get an idea of ​​their coloring, then I can adapt the sweater as if they were sitting next to me,” she insists.

“I am amazed at how successful we continue to be.” Video calls are going well too; appointments are quicker and we can do anything, I did bra fittings on Zoom. I tell them to have their measuring tapes ready and we’ll go try it on. “

“You can’t underestimate a good bra,” she continues. “Adjusting your bra correctly will change your shape because clothes will hang differently.”

Arnotts Spring / Summer 2021

As for the most frequently asked questions, Clara says that Irish people more often than not struggle with the idea of ​​chic and casual clothes. Which, of course, is the most popular dress code for a work wardrobe during a pandemic.

“Formal wear has changed because weddings and events follow one another, so people generally choose more casual clothes,” she explains.

“Even before the pandemic, people wore suits at work, but I saw a high demand for personal shopping when work clothes became more relaxed. People want to look good in their Zoom but they want to be there. So it’s a matter of finding those key pieces and bringing them together. “

As for the biggest buying mistake the Irish make, Clara thinks we need to move away from Instagram and be a little more realistic about our day-to-day needs.

“Look at your lifestyle and see where you spend your time,” she says. “If you work out five days a week, that means part of your wardrobe should revolve around your work clothes. If you go to the gym four times a week, invest in good exercise equipment. “

“Then you have to determine your personality based on your style. Are you more classic? Are you more romantic or bohemian? It takes time to understand, and often our style changes over time. This is where personal shoppers come from. to help.”

Arnotts Spring / Summer 2021

Finally, if you’re someone with a flowing wardrobe and nothing to wear, it might be time to assess your color scheme and shape.

“Shape and color are key to creating a wardrobe that works,” says Clara. “If someone tells me they wear a little bit of everything, I know where they went wrong. There’s no point in buying brown boots if you don’t have anything to go with them, so try to work out. in a certain color palette. “

“Be careful what you buy,” she continues. “Spend money where you feel the most difficult. If you’re struggling to reach the top, this is where you should invest.”

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