I was put in touch with an 18 year old on a dating site

SHIRLEY BALLAS is simply delicious. At 61, she, breathtaking, does not look one day beyond 40 years.

And not only is she beautiful, but she’s smart and sassy. Any guy should consider himself lucky to have it. And to top it off, she bagged a fiancé 13 years her junior.


Shirley Ballas and I both accept the aging process but have no intention of getting boring, here Shirley with her fiance Danny TaylorCredit: Getty
I paired up with an 18 year old online, I immediately felt that was a step too far, but he “liked” the idea of ​​our age difference.


I paired up with an 18 year old online, I immediately felt that was a step too far, but he “liked” the idea of ​​our age difference.Credit: Rex

I think there is still enough life in the young bird to shoot a guy in his 30s. She really got it all. I am delighted that she is marrying her toyboy Danny Taylor.

Actor Danny, 48, is set to become her third husband – Shirley having divorced former ballroom star Sammy Stopford in 1984 and split from ex-dancer Corky Ballas in 2007 .

Shirley is definitely doing it for herself. And she sets the stage for the rest of us, more mature women. I salute you, Shirley. I’m not quite sure what sparked the net of young men I’ve met with over the past year.

I strongly suspect it was a story I read about 50-year-old grandmother Sharon Hawkins, from North Carolina, who changed the age range on her dating app – and turned herself found marrying a boyfriend who is in his twenties.

“I’ll get some,” I thought. It sounds wild, fun, unconventional. And I am nothing if not unconventional. I do my own race. So, a few months later, I found myself in the rabbit hole of dating apps.

It was a step I was very reluctant to take, but my best friend thought it would be a good distraction during the lockdown. The creation of my profile was not without complications and frustrations, so many clichés and technological requirements.

And being the Luddite that I am, I failed to select a specific age range, so I inadvertently found myself falling into a digital pool of guys between the ages of 18 and 60.

I had no idea how the process worked. But early on, when I paired up with an 18-year-old, I immediately felt it was one step too far.

Despite the fact that he “liked” the idea of ​​our age difference, I rejected it because I felt my oldest son, 27, should somehow shape my lower age limit.

Although, of course, I don’t want to appear ageist in any way. For the record, my ex-husbands and those I have had long-term relationships with have all historically been around my age. So it was definitely a new foray.

I’m not planning on selling anyone down the river, so relax, gentlemen. What happens on the app stays on the app, but suffice to say, I’ve had some fun encounters, most of which have remained digital, but some have happened in person.

Because I see the person, not the age, it was very easy for me to quickly ignore the age differences as numbers. Lots of guys said they didn’t care about the years between us, some even confessed that they love an older woman because she’s confident and knows what she wants (in the bedroom and, in my case, the kitchen). I felt overwhelmingly energized by the “yoof” of it all.

Young people are fun. They’re interesting because they think they know a lot, but you have tons of life experiences up your sleeve. It’s fascinating to learn about their world and compare it to yours.

And let’s face it, I am a relic. I’m a piece of history (some of them couldn’t even remember) and they’re the next generation. There is a huge gap between you when it comes to certain conversations, approaches, perspectives, hopes, and dreams.

Lots of guys said they don’t care about the years between us, some even confessed that they love an older woman because she’s confident and knows what she wants.

Ulrika Jonsson

At first glance, it might seem like I would have more in common with their parents than with them, but in reality, I never felt that way. I didn’t want boring, serious discussions about life with someone my age. I wanted brightness, light, zest and energy.

And sometimes I got it. There were good jokes and good sexual attraction. Typically, with a younger age you get a younger body, and I appreciated that. I never intentionally went for a buff body, it was always about connection.

The only exception, about 25 years ago, was the year and a half I spent with the former Gladiator Hunter, aka James Crossley, who was six years my junior. His body was crazy. But with my hand on my generous and loving heart, that wasn’t what attracted me.

I fell in love with him as a person. He was sweet and funny and we were pretty cute together.

The bodies weren’t what they were. It was really about the bond, the attachment and the bond that you form with someone.

And some might say that with a big age difference – 27 was the biggest I’ve experienced – there will be gaps, maybe in what you share from the past and what your goals are. Basically you will always be at a different stage in life than a 26 year old.

They are just starting in life while you are in the fall of yours. But that doesn’t really matter to me because I didn’t look for “The One”. I went there and bought the T-shirt three times. I was looking for fun, someone who could improve my life but not support it.

I am independent. For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel like I needed someone, but of course it would be to find someone who was part of it in an unconventional way.

No intention of getting boring and stuffy

And it is perhaps more difficult for young people to understand. I am not in need. If it’s fair, I’ll take it. Otherwise, I’m happy to go. And maybe that’s why I found a lot of inconsistent young guys.

Admittedly, dating apps are a numbers game. You don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

With so many options open to them (and me), they may find it difficult to communicate regularly. Many struggled with honesty and some with basic manners – just ping a post, it takes a second.

So there have been some disappointments and sometimes I despair of the next generation. But I also enjoyed and learned from my experiences. I learned that it’s not just young people who are bad at communication, it can also be older people.

But basically it depends on the maturity of the person. I don’t know how to dance, but I think Shirley and I have something in common: we’re damn young at heart.

Not only are Shirley and I both romantic, but we also clearly believe in marriage. As she is getting married for the third time, my third marriage is now over.
While I don’t intend to say yes yet, I will always understand why this is such an absolutely beautiful thing.

After all, you are never as young as the man you feel.

Ulrika Jonsson

Shirley and I both come to terms with the aging process, but have no intention of getting boring, poised, and predictable. We always want to have fun. Positive energy is crucial.

So, I don’t necessarily have my heart set on a younger man, but it looks like Shirley has found one who appreciates, appreciates, and adores him. And that offers great encouragement for everyone.

After all, you are never as young as the man you feel.

Ulrika married for the first time, in 1990, with John Turnbull


Ulrika married for the first time, in 1990, with John TurnbullCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Then, Ulrika married Lance Gerrard-Wright in 2003


Then, Ulrika married Lance Gerrard-Wright in 2003Credit: Rex Features


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