“If you start dating someone, you have to talk to me first and I have to agree” – Former WWE talent recalls conversation with her friend Batista

Dave Bautista, also known as Batista in WWE, had a close friendship with former valet Cherry during their days on the SmackDown roster.

In 2007-2008, Cherry appeared on the blue brand as Deuce ‘n Domino’s wrestler and manager. At the time, Batista was involved in high-profile projects WWE World Heavyweight Championship scenarios featuring Edge and The Undertaker.

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In an interview on the Insiders Edge PodcastCherry amusingly recalled how happy The Animal was to give feedback if she started dating someone:

“I became really good friends with Batista. He’s so down to earth, so cool. He was always so funny. He always said, ‘If you start dating someone, you have to tell me first. talk and I have to agree. .’ He was so, so cool, so I got close to him.” [34:04 – 34:22]

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Batista is widely regarded as one of WWE’s most successful performers of his generation. The wrestler turned movie star was supposed to join the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020. However, his induction was postponed after the COVID-19 pandemic caused a scheduling conflict.

Cherry was also friends with Batista’s former stable mate Evolution

Behind the scenes, Cherry was getting along with many of her former colleagues. Paul Wight, known as The Big Show in WWE, even visited his apartment once before several wrestlers went to dinner.

The 47-year-old was also friends with the 16-time world champion ric flair:

“Big Show is awesome,” Cherry continued. “Big Show once came to my apartment because we were all going out to dinner, and it was funny seeing my neighbors like [looking up at Big Show] because I didn’t socialize with many other people in the apartment, so I don’t think they knew what I was doing. It was fun. Flair liked me a lot, which I didn’t mind. Who’s not going to love a friendship with Flair?” [34:36 – 35:08]

WWE released Cherry on August 15, 2008. One of her most notable matches was on SmackDown on April 25, 2008, when she lost to Natalya. The four-minute contest was The Queen of Harts’ first WWE in-ring televised encounter.

Do you have any favorite memories of Batista and Cherry in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below.

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