I’m bisexual and that’s okay, says Conservative “Red Wall” MP


“That would be a little scary. So I was on it under some sort of nickname, and I didn’t say what I did for a living or anything like that. So it was a little more natural. A few dates. you guys, dates with some cool girls and some cool guys. And that was just, you know, fun. “

Miss Davison is in the process of divorcing her husband and is in a relationship with a man. She told former Labor MP Miss De Piero: “I’m seeing someone right now. It’s going very well and I’m very excited about it. But we’ll see, the future is a very exciting place. “

In the interview, she described the shock to learn that her father, Dominic, had been killed with a single blow “in the side of the neck” when she was only 13 years old.

She said: “The force was just enough and she hit exactly the wrong spot that she tore an artery. My dad was dead before he hit the ground, basically, which was such a shock. I mean, you can’t really mentally prepare yourself for this at all. “

Her father’s assailant pleaded in self-defense and was not convicted of the assault, she said. She set up an all-party parliamentary group on one-punch attacks to see if more needs to be done for the victims and to condemn the perpetrators.

Not having been brought up in a political family, Miss Davison said she “really thought growing up that Winston Churchill was a Labor Prime Minister”.

She admitted that she sometimes thinks about leading the Conservative Party, adding: “You kind of fantasize and see who is right now and you think,” Maybe this is something I could do “- but is I would like to do it?

“The upside is that you have the opportunity to really try to shape the country and try to make it better, which we all do in politics anyway. And what better way than to run a party and potentially leading the But I think there are so many downsides too, I mean, this complete invasion into your personal life.

“It’s hard enough being a backbench MP … and I’m not really sure that’s something I would really want to do. And I certainly wouldn’t want that pressure put on my family.”

  • Watch Gloria De Piero’s full interview with Dehenna Davison on GB News at 12:30 p.m. on Monday

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