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It’s hard to find love on dating apps in Singapore, it really is.

It’s tiring enough having to browse through hundreds of thousands of profiles with no end in sight.

The worst part is when people don’t even strike up a conversation with you after you’ve been matched.

According to a 2019 survey, 51% of Singaporean singles cited dating apps as the preferred way to meet new people.

Despite the heavy use of these apps, however, many singles, especially women, have also admitted to losing confidence in the possibility of finding love on these platforms.

And while dating apps have undoubtedly made it easier to connect new people, here are three of my top reasons why they might actually make it harder to find a lifelong partner.

1) It is difficult to find “real” or serious matches

During the formative years of 2013-2014, when dating apps were still relatively new to Singapore, they were first branded as unreliable online platforms filled with lustful men and “desperados”.

The reputation of these dating apps was so bleak that people who met their partners on them used to lie or make up alternate stories about how they met.

As the years passed and the use of dating apps became more popular, they quickly became the norm for many singles looking to meet and mingle.

Nowadays, many profiles that I am matched with on other dating apps tend to tell me that they are looking for “for fun” or “for something casual”, and I very rarely receive matches that tell me they are looking for love, let alone a lifelong relationship.

And to be honest, can I really blame them?

Tinder isn’t exactly the first place you’d think of to find a great Christian boyfriend to take home to your parents.

Additionally, some dating apps are full of shady profiles and unusually good looking men who are exceptionally nice to you, which begs the question of whether one is only meant to be matched with model men if they are “fake”.

A handful of the many matches I get with men from China on Tinder. No price to guess if they are crooks.

2) Too many options make it difficult to engage

On a related note, dating apps often present users with hundreds of thousands of profiles, believing that more options would make it easier to find a suitable partner, especially if one just wants to “play on the pitch. “.

However, on the contrary, the idea of ​​choosing from so many options actually makes them less satisfied with the choices they have made, especially when looking for a lifelong partner.

After all, why get into a game when there are plenty of fish in the ocean?

Indeed, thousands of dating profiles give the impression that there will always be someone nicer, with a better job or a better personality for us.

And when everyone is just trying to score the best game they can, it can become a pretty maddening kind of “game”.

3) People are not forthright about their deal breakers

It’s safe to say that no one in the world is perfect.

Likewise, most (if not all) singles have dating and relationship preferences as well as deal breakers.

Despite this, however, dating apps that actually give you a way to be candid about your dating preferences or deal breakups are rare.

While a successful relationship is often based on things like compatibility and similar values, one may not be lucky enough to meet a suitable partner as profiles tend to be matched only on the basis of characteristics such as physical appearance.

Conversely, one might not realize until too late in the dating process that their correspondence is not compatible with them, as some of these preferences and factors are not exposed to begin with.

It not only takes time and effort for both parties, but can also be extremely overwhelming for one of them to have date after date, only to find out later that your match is not. the one for you.

And after spending almost two years on and off these apps, I’ve come to the (rather tired and weary) conclusion that my ideal dating app would be the one that sorts profiles based on the following:

  • Personality
  • Family proximity
  • Opinions about privacy
  • Religion
  • What the other party is looking for

Find the perfect partner with Lovenn

If, like me, you’re frustrated with mundane dating apps that don’t meet your needs, consider signing up for Lovenn, the latest dating app on the market tailored to meet local dating preferences.

Basically what Lovenn does is provide singles with a platform to honestly go out and be upfront with their expectations.

In fact, 99% of Lovenn users are looking for a serious relationship and / or marriage.

Through a checklist provided to each individual, Lovenn helps you connect with profiles that match your criteria and that you also match.

Here are some examples of these filters:

  • Personality
  • Opinions about sex
  • Type of body
  • Income level
  • Work-life balance
  • Exercise habits
  • Family proximity
  • Civil status

Having used the app for almost three weeks now, I have personally found these filters to be super useful.

I could list some of my must-haves and break-ups before I even match or speak to a profile, saving me time and effort due to incompatible matches or conversations:

Unlike other apps, I also didn’t have to scan endlessly because Lovenn would automatically recommend five to 10 of the most suitable profiles to me on a daily basis.

Another thing that I really like about Lovenn is the fact that my friends can affirm me as a date by writing a testimonial on my profile, which makes for an interactive experience that is both unique and uplifting.

I can even see testimonials written by friends from my matches, which further adds to all the fun and intrigue:

Once paired with a profile, I can also view an exact breakdown of our compatibility score – which in turn saves a ton of time on unnecessary little chats, imo:

If all this discussion has interested you in signing up for Lovenn, you can use the promo code MS39 to obtain a free subscription at the premium level (UP S $ 39) until June 1, 2021 (valid only for new registrations).

Don’t say that we bo jio.

This Lovenn-sponsored article made this writer less resigned to being single.

Top image via Airam Dato-on on Unsplash

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