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Online daters everywhere fear “ghosts.” inner circlea global dating app, hopes to fix this lingering problem with the launch of five new features that aim to put an end to the hurtful experience of online dating where people cut off contact with another person without any warning or explanation.

Inner Circle dubbed this new group of features designed to provide more closure for online daters “The conscious suite of appointments.” The new toolset includes things like anti-ghosting reminders, end-of-conversation options, closing messages, pinned conversations, and decision prompts.

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With anti-ghosting reminders, Inner Circle notifies users if there’s a message they haven’t responded to within 48 hours. This helps remind a user who may not have seen the message and gives them a second chance to log in.

However, users can also opt out of the message with Inner Circle’s new decision prompts. This allows the user to say no to opening a message, letting the potential match know that they are not looking for new connections at this time.

It may be a less sensitive way of telling someone to move on, but it makes it easier for people to get to the point.

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It can be difficult to let a stranger know you’re not interested face-to-face, let alone through an app. With Inner Circle’s new “End Conversation” feature, users can let the person know they’re just not interested in you.

Users can swipe the message to select “End chat”. The app will then prompt them to choose a reason to end the conversation, whether it’s because they’ve met the person before but don’t feel it, in someone else or for other people. other reasons. Users can also end the conversation because they think they are ghosting. The other match will be notified that the conversation has been closed and why.

Pinned conversations allow Inner Circle users to pin up to five chats so they can focus on the matches they want to prioritize.

Through research commissioned by Censuswide, Inner Circle also found that many users experience dating fatigue. Two in five people even said they had mixed up matches, the company wrote in today’s newspaper. announcement.

“Right now, online dating is giving daters more hassle than it’s worth,” Inner Circle CEO Masha Kodden said in a statement. “We are putting an end to this. Our mission has always been to help people date better, and this sequel is the latest development on that path. Singles are right to expect better quality from both the apps they use and the people they talk to, so for anyone who’s fed up with ghosting, poor conversations and little effort , this one is for you!

Inner Circle is an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based startup founded in 2012 by David Vermeulen. The app now has over 4.8 million members.

According to the company, its team screens each user to ensure they only see “quality profiles of people you would actually want to date,” Inner Circle wrote on its website. website. Due to filtered profiles, there are fewer chances for catfish profiles and spammers, the company claims.

Inner Circle is available for download at android and iOS devices.

Ghosting is a common practice among online daters. Dating apps have tried to stop the trend with various features.

For example, Match Group – the company that owns Tinder, Hinge, Plenty of Fish and other leading dating apps – announced a feature in 2021 that pushes suspected ghosting users so the user can unlink or send a message that he is not interested.

Additionally, Hinge has a “Your Turn” feature that reminds users when it’s their turn to respond.

The first video dating app, Snack, has a anti-ghosting function which reports users who ghost too frequently. The more someone is ghosted, the less visible a user’s profile is.

There’s even an anti-ghosting dating app called Exaltspecially designed with features that help prevent ghosting.

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