Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate boxing match: Everything we know so far

Posted: 2022-11-10T18:18:18

Updated: 2022-11-10T18:18:28

YouTube star Jake Paul has taken on controversial internet personality Andrew Tate in a viral video – but will they face off in the boxing ring? Here’s everything we know so far about this shocking showdown.

Jake Paul is arguably the biggest face in the influencer boxing world right now. While he’s not credited with starting the movement (that accolade goes to KSI, Logan Paul, and Joe Weller), he certainly took the reins to make it one of the hottest fashions.

Boasting a 6-0 record after his last win over Anderson Silva, Paul is already looking forward to his next game…and many fans believe he could face Andrew Tate in the near future.

On November 10, Paul uploaded a video to Twitter that showed him confronting inflammatory online commentator Andrew Tate. The video instantly racked up thousands of views and sparked rumors that Tate could be Jake’s next opponent.

Is Jake Paul fighting Andrew Tate?

so far, nothing has been confirmed regarding a possible fight between Jake and Tate.

In fact, Jake himself wasn’t sure Tate would accept a fight with him or his brother, saying in a past podcast episode that the former kickboxer was “scared to get in the ring with any of us.” .

That being said, Paul captioned his viral Twitter video with “negotiations,” seeming to imply that these two are in talks for a potential fight.

Jake’s video also comes as a bit of a surprise to fans, who instead had their eyes on a fight between Tate and Logan Paul.

Although Logan previously dismissed any idea of ​​a fight with Tate, he has since changed his tune and even appeared to be in talks with the controversial internet star in a viral tweet thread.

However, Logan suffered a few injuries after his WWE Universal match against Roman Reigns, claiming he suffered a torn meniscus, MCL, and possible torn ACL. Given that, it makes sense that Logan might not have been able to part ways with Tate and instead pass the opportunity on to his little brother.

As of now, it’s unclear when or if these two stars will touch gloves in the boxing ring – but judging by fan responses to Jake’s faceoff video, this potential match is sure to be one. for the ages.

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