Kim Kardashian looked at herself while kissing Pete Davidson

Kim was also accused of trying to make her and Pete the new Kravis following the PDA social media post.

It’s been almost eight months since Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson first started dating, and their romance has remained incredibly private from the start.

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In fact, the couple didn’t even go Instagram official until March of this year, when Kim slipped two photos of herself and her new pal into a carousel post.

Since then, public acknowledgments have been sparse, with Kim only occasionally posting about her new boyfriend, and Pete having no social media presence.

However, they made their red carpet debut in late April at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. A few days later, they were together at the Met Gala, when Kim showed off a new platinum blonde hairstyle.

And his hair appears to have marked a new stage in their relationship, with Pete now bleaching his to match his girlfriend.

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Kim and Pete debuted their new look for her on her Instagram Story on Sunday, with Pete swapping out her natural brown hair for a blonde hue that matches Kim’s.

And the two also took the opportunity to indulge in some good old-fashioned PDA during filming, with Pete leaning in to kiss Kim in the videos.

The pair started off by playfully sticking their tongues out at the camera before Kim pouted, which Pete took as an invitation for a kiss.

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She smiled happily after the kiss, and in a second black-and-white video, they stuck their tongues out again.

In the final video, Pete laughs as he affectionately cuddles inside Kim’s head, Kim also laughs looking at the camera.

While the videos definitely gave fans a welcome glimpse into Kim and Pete’s typically private relationship, some couldn’t help but laugh at the posts pointing out that Kim appeared to be staring at herself in her phone camera. while Pete showered her affectionately.

“Seeing her do 😍 to her own reflection and then remembering that he’s there too 😭😭,” one person commented on Reddit. Another added: “She was too focused on the camera to kiss back. Ouch…”

Others felt like the “intense eye contact” was inviting them to kiss, which made them uncomfortable. Someone said, “Yeah, I had to look away. Like, I didn’t ask to be part of this kiss, stop looking me in the eye 👀”

Another echoed, “Why is she making such intense eye contact with us?? Girl focus on your man 😭😭😭”

Another person joked, “She has no idea who she’s standing next to her, she’s so obsessed with looking at herself.”

This isn’t the first time Kim has been accused of being obsessed with her own thinking, as it was previously claimed that a production crew had to move a monitor during an interview with Kim because she continued to look at each other instead of the hosts.

He said at the time, “Let me tell you about Kim Kardashian. She’s a very, very special human being. I know that because we interviewed her on The project. We got her on the desk and we interviewed her.

“And we’re down to a question or two and all of a sudden I can see there’s a flurry among the floor managers,” he continued. “They are kind of running around and moving things around. I thought, ‘I wonder what’s going on there?’

After the interview, Chris said he asked the crew members what happened. He explained: “They said, ‘I can’t believe you didn’t notice, but for the first half of the interview, his gaze was down and to the right. And I said, “Yeah, I saw that, I just thought she was nervous.”

“And they said, ‘No, no, no. We had to move all the monitors and flip them because all she was doing was staring at herself for the whole interview,” Chris revealed. “And after they did that, she looked at us for a change.”

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While admiring her own reflection may not be new for Ms. Kimberly Noel Kardashian, excessive PDA with Pete is certainly out of place.

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In fact, the videos seemed much more characteristic of something her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, would post after she rose to fame for her over-the-top public displays of affection with husband Travis Barker.

Fans were quick to pick up on this comparison and even accused Kim of trying to copy Kourtney and Travis in her new relationship.

Reacting to the Instagram posts, one person wrote, “Can’t help but wonder if she would do this if Kravis didn’t exist.”

Another agreed, “It’s so performative,” to which someone replied, “After all that Kravis marriage.. I can feel the ‘I’ll do it (PDA) better than you’ in Kourtney .”

Another added: “Awkward. Try komPETE with Kourtney.

The constant kisses, hugs and caresses have been a source of contention throughout Kourtney and Travis’ relationship, with her family expressing their discomfort about it on their reality show, The Kardashians.

Kourtney’s two youngest children, Penelope and Reign, were also caught on camera pleading with them to “stop French kissing” during a family dinner.

Meanwhile, it’s not the first time Kim has been roasted last week, with the star being ridiculed after posting a video of her latest business venture to Instagram on Tuesday.

In the clip, she proudly revealed that she’s the new “Chief Taste Consultant” for plant-based foods company Beyond Meat, which offers alternatives to meat. She explained how delicious the food was while enjoying a vegan burger, meatballs, tacos, sausage and chicken nuggets.

But viewers accused her of just pretending to eat the food as they noticed the odd editing choices in the video, with the camera cutting out just before Kim put the food in her mouth and resumed once she was chewing.

There were also no bite marks in the food she supposedly ate. Kim’s supporters wasted no time in calling out her for pretending to eat in the comments, but she hasn’t publicly responded to their claims.

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