Love Island 2022 LIVE: Gemma’s ex Jacques admits he still cares about her as Ekin and Davide kiss ahead of Liam’s big talk

LOVE ISLAND’s ex Gemma was stunned when he admitted he STILL had feelings for her when he walked into the villa, as Liam broke his silence after sensationally leaving the show.

In a jam-packed episode, fans were left stunned as Ekin-Su kissed the face of Davide – who was with Gemma before – then started flirting with Jacques.

Ex-Jacques de Gemma, a 23-year-old sportsman, played for Super League side Castleford Tigers before signing for the ITV dating show.

Luca was left freaked out by his competition.

Reports have also started to emerge that a second ex of Gemma is waiting in the wings, ready to enter the Villa at any moment.

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  • Liam is back

    Fans loved seeing her return to Love Island Aftersun.

    It’s good to see him smile again.

  • Fireworks

    Ooh, do you see Andrew and Luca coming to blows tomorrow as new boy Jacques meets Tash?

    Everything will start.

  • Liam’s showbiz royalty

    Well, almost.

    Did you know he was invited for a spag-bog by Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson and his former Love Island missus, Zara McDermott.

  • She’s on fire

  • Liam speaks

    Did you see him explain why he left the villa?

    He only had Gemma in mind.


  • Liam comes out of his silence

    Don’t miss Liam speaking for the first time about why he left the villa.

    It’s on Love Islands Aftersun on ITV2…right now.

  • Karma Island

  • Dramatic Island

    See Luca squirming right now as Jacques hits it off with his ex Gemma.


  • I have never

    Ooh three cheers for Ikenna who asks ‘I never got back together with an ex?’

    Gemma’s face!

    Did you see that Luca was fuming too.

  • Red flag for Gemma’s ex

  • “I still care about her”

    Uh. Red flag anyone.

    Does Jacques want his Gemma back?

    Have you heard him confide in Paige that he still cares about Gemma?

    In the words of Jen Aniston… Sensitivity chip missing…

  • Ekin-Su’s moves

    Wow do you see her chatting with new guy Jacques – just hours after her passionate night with Davide.

    Let’s go.

  • It’s time to graft

    The arrival of Jacques not embarrassing at all, is it?

    Fans can’t process.

  • ex-files

    Love Island fans never miss a ride.

    One commented to Gemma as she got carried away after realizing Jacques was in the villa: ‘Don’t want to get back together with him’ yet she wears makeup on top of that lol.

  • Pray for Paige

    It seems to be working… fans are supporting Love Island’s Paige on her date with Gemma’s ex.

  • Gemma’s ex in the house

    Do you see Gemma’s reaction?

    From behind, it looks like my ex.

    Wait until he turns around, my love.


    Love Island fans are begging bosses to turn down the microphones after THIS kiss between Ekin-Su and Davide.

  • fast love

    Fans have a lot to say about THAT kiss.


  • Dami on fire

    Fans love her reaction to Ekin-Su’s passionate kiss with Davide.

    One tweeted: ‘Dami joking ‘makeup swap, congratulations’.

  • kiss me quick

    Wow! Somebody gonna pour a bucket of ice cream on Ekin-Su and Davide?

    Hot kisses or what!?

  • Davide… you’re lying!

    Ha! Did you hear him tell Ekin-su that he would have chosen her over Gemma.


  • Bold and brave

    I love how Tash shows off her hearing aid as she kisses her Andrew.

    Come on, girl!

  • Stirling employment

    Comedian Iain is on fire tonight.

    Do you hear him galloping?

  • sure damien

    Um, how cute are Dami and Amber right now?

    Fans can already see them in the final…

    Oh, go away Casa Amor…

  • thriller

    Love Island is finally back.

    After an evening off Saturday night, we can’t wait to meet Gemma’s ex.

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