Love Island USA Season 3 Stars on Cameo and How Much Money They Charge


The post-season of Love Island United States Season 3 was pretty hectic and Islanders took to social media by setting up Cameo accounts to interact with their fans and make money from digital videos. For a total of 40 days, fans followed the new batch of Islanders in the Love Island United States cast of season 3. Throughout the season many relationships and friendships have formed, as well as a few broken hearts.

In the end, the four finalist couples for Season 3 were Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy (who placed first), Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada (who placed second), Bailey Marshall and Jeremy Hershberg (who placed third) and Alana Paolucci and Charlie Lynch (who placed fourth). It is worth noting that fan favorite couples such as Cashay Proudfoot & Cinco, as well as Shannon St Claire & Josh Goldstein, were absent from the grand finale after their early departure from the villa.

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Alas, these islanders have done a great job of keeping their fans updated throughout the post-season of Love Island United States season 3. For example, Bailey has already revealed that she and Jeremy have broken up, while Kyra and Will have been inseparable since the end of the series. As of this writing, Olivia & Korey, Cash & Cinco and Shannon & Josh are still together and considered couples. Meanwhile, these candidates are capitalizing by making videos on Cameo.

Will Moncada ($ 69)

At $ 69, Will sells the most Cameo videos from all of the Season 3 cast. Will was introduced to viewers on day one in the villa as he walked alongside Cinco, and the Islander made it to the grand finale with his partner Kyra .

Shannon Sainte-Claire ($ 55)

Although she didn’t make it to the final due to her shocking start with Josh, Shannon is still a very popular candidate for Love Island United States season 3. As such, Shannon charges $ 55 for each Cameo video she makes for her fans. As of this writing, Shannon has 12 five-star reviews on the platform.

Cashay Proudfoot ($ 50)

Silver is one of the highlights of this year Island of love stars, and many fans were devastated to see his elimination from the series. Nonetheless, Cashay is doing very well outside of the show. Between traveling to meet his Season 3 co-stars and dating Cinco, Cash makes Cameo videos that cost $ 50 each.

Josh Goldstein ($ 50)

Also charging $ 50 on Cameo is Josh. He and Shannon had to quit the show soon after finding out Josh’s sister Lindsey Beth Goldstein had passed away. Alas, the couple are still stronger than ever in the playoffs. In fact, Josh plans to move in with Shannon.

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Korey Gandy ($ 45)

Love Island United States Season 3 winner Korey shared the $ 100,000 grand prize with Olivia and recently launched her brand new clothing line. Otherwise, Korey made videos for his fans on Cameo priced at $ 45 each. Right now, Korey has up to 24 five-star reviews.

Cinco aka Melvin Holland Jr. ($ 45)

Cinco also charges $ 45 for each Cameo video. After the roller coaster that his Love Island United States experience turned out to be, Cinco became one of the biggest fan favorites of the series. It’s worth noting that Cinco has several fantastic reviews on Cameo.

Kyra Lizama ($ 40)

For the most part, Kyra had a fairly smooth ride on Love Island United States, which resulted in his second place alongside Will in the Grand Final. That said, fans have accused Kyra and Will of meeting before the show, which they have categorically denied since. At Cameo, Kyra charges $ 40 for each video.

Javonny Vega ($ 40)

Also charging $ 40 for each video on Cameo is Javonny Vega, who was knocked out of the series on Day 17 after trying to develop a relationship with Olivia throughout the season. Since leaving the villa, Javonny has mostly retained his status as a popular candidate with the Island of love Fans.

Bailey Marshall ($ 40)

Bailey entered the Love Island United States fairly late season 3 villa, but it still left a huge impression on audiences and her fellow co-stars. In fact, many viewers have wondered why Bailey was added as a late addition to the season. On her Cameo profile, Bailey charges $ 40 for each video.

Aimée Flores ($ 29)

Aimee Flores on Love Island USA season 3

As fate willed it, Aimee Flores and Wes Ogsbury were dumped together on Love Island United States. They ended up exploring a relationship outside of the villa despite only having met a few days before their elimination. However, keeping up with the state of their relationship has been rather confusing. At Cameo, Aimee charges $ 29 for a video.

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Gabe Sadowsky ($ 25)

Gabe Sadowsky on Love Island USA season 3

Casa Amor newbie Gabe Sadowsky charges $ 25 for Cameo videos. He didn’t find love in the villa, but Gabe was always quite active with the Love Island United States fandom since appearing in the series.

Isaiah Harmison ($ 20)

Isaiah Harmison on Love Island USA season 3

Some viewers were hoping that Isaiah Harmison would be the right fit for Cashay on the show, but things didn’t turn out that way. After his elimination, Isaiah defaulted back to his personal trainer career, but he also created a Cameo profile to charge $ 20 for custom videos.

Christian Longnecker ($ 20)

This year, Christian Longnecker was the very first candidate eliminated on Love Island United States. Alas, he was quite active on social networks and also took the opportunity to create a Cameo Account. Christian currently charges $ 20 for each video.

Andrew John Phillips ($ 20)

Andrew John Phillips was introduced to viewers as another Casa Amor addition to the show. Although he failed to run Island of love, Andrew is still quite popular on social media and charges $ 20 for Cameo videos.

K-Ci Maultsby ($ 15)

K-Ci Maultsby on Love Island USA season 3

Unfortunately, K-Ci Maultsby had an extremely short run on Love Island United States season 3. He certainly didn’t find love on the show, but K-Ci is still enjoying the perks of reality TV fame. At Cameo, K-Ci charges $ 15 for each video.

Elly Steffen ($ 15)

Elly smiling for the camera in Love Island Season 3

Elly was brought into the villa alongside Bailey and Alana, but she was unable to partner with a popular Islander to stay on the show. That said, Elly still charges $ 15 on Cameo make videos for his fans. As of this writing, Elly is still new to Cameo.

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Charlie Lynch ($ 10)

Charlie was one of four male finalists on Love Island United States season 3, but it’s safe to say it just hasn’t been well received by some viewers. However, by charging $ 10 per Cameo video, Charlie still manages to make money from his newfound fame.

Slade Parker ($ 10)

Slade Parker on Love Island USA season 3

One of the shortest appearances in Island of love the story came from Slade Parker, who had to leave the villa immediately upon learning that her family needed her help to get home. Slade charges $ 10 for one Cameo video, so fans can probably learn more about him through this platform.

Wes Ogsbury ($ 10)

Fans and islanders alike were extremely impressed with Harvard football team captain Wes when he was introduced to the villa, but he was dumped on the show nonetheless fairly quickly. Outside the villa, Wes charged $ 10 for his videos on Cameo.

Isabelle Johnson ($ 10)

Isabel Johnson on Love Island USA season 3

At $ 10 per Cameo video, Isabel Johnson is another Casa Amor islander who has tried to capitalize on her reality TV fame. She didn’t find love with Korey in the villa but still became a popular contender on social media.

Raul Frias ($ 10)

Professional basketball player Raul Frias also charges $ 10 for each Cameo video. He was introduced to the show as a newbie at Casa Amor and tried to develop a relationship with Cashay, but things didn’t change between them.

Kamryn Mickens-Bennett ($ 10)

Kamryn Mickens-Bennett on Love Island USA season 3

Last but not least, the Love Island United States fans have taken a liking to Kamryn Mickens-Bennett since his stint on the show ended. Kamryn currently charges $ 10 per Cameo video.

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