Marketing man cleared of assaulting businesswoman he met on dating site

A MARKETING executive has been exonerated for assaulting and humiliating a businesswoman who met him on a dating site.

John Scott lied about being a former skydiver in his profile on the Bumble app when he began a seven-month relationship with 48-year-old software entrepreneur Sarah Dodd.

It ended with him giving her a nose blood and returning to her Newton Abbot home throwing a rattan chair through the glass patio doors after locking him in.

She fled into the street and was caught on police body camera holding a handkerchief to her nose. During her call to 999, she was recorded screaming in fear and begging Scott not to kill his cocker spaniel dog, Ronald.

She alleged that he assaulted her that night and twice in the previous three months.

She told Exeter Crown Court he grabbed her wrists and twisted them during an argument at her Cornwall home and poured wine on her during a previous row at her home in March.

Ms Dodd also alleged he tried to poison her dog with chocolate and ripped out internet cables in the previous incident.

She told the jury that during closing argument he punched her in the face, threatened to bury her in the garden, and cut an apron into strips while threatening to tie her up.

Scott, also known as John Hall, 43, from Beacon, near Camborne, was cleared of three counts of assault but pleaded guilty to damaging his patio doors and will be sentenced later.

He was acquitted after it emerged Ms Dodd continued to see him after closing arguments in April last year and wrote two statements asking the police to drop the case.

Night police body camera footage showed her telling an officer that Scott punched her in the face as she tried to protect her dog from him.

He told the jury the allegations were ‘absurd’ and ‘ridiculous’ and that the injury to his nose happened accidentally as he tried to get the dog off his bed.

He said he broke down the door when he was locked in her home because his computer and phone were inside and he needed them to run his six marketing ventures.

Scott accepted his claim to be a former para was false but described it as a “white lie”. He alleged Ms Dodd was drunk during all of the arguments, including the incident that led to her arrest.

Judge David Evans told him: ‘My provisional opinion is that you broke the window because you were trying to stop him from calling the police and I note that you have received a warning in the past for a domestic assault.

“The jury acquitted you of assault and therefore criminal damage is the only offense for which I must convict you.”


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