Match Group adds video chat and live broadcast


During his Call for T2 results, the dating app conglomerate Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, Hinge and more than 43 other online dating services, has announced it will roll out video chat, group live video and other technologies broadcasting live on several of its brands in the next two years.

Match Group recently acquired the South Korean social platform company, Hyperconnection, for $ 1.73 billion, and hopes to use its tech assets to fuel new social features. Hyperconnect’s main offerings are Azar and Hakuna Live. Azar is a mobile app that aims to connect people around the world through video chats and instantly translated voice and text messages. Hakuna Live is a live streaming app that connects groups via live video and audio broadcasts with strong adoption in South Korea and Japan.

“In fact, I’m really excited about some of the tech stuff they’ve been working on: AR features, self-expression tools, conversational AI, and a number of things that we would consider metaverse, which have the element to turn the meeting online. and get to know each other, ”Match CEO Share Dubey said during the earnings call. While online dating apps have changed little since their inception, Dubey believes that “these technologies will eventually allow us to create experiences that will help people determine if they have such elusive chemistry or not… Our ultimate vision here is that people never have to. make a bad first date again.

By the end of the year, Match Group aims to have at least two of its brands using Hyperconnect technology. The company has yet to shed light on which of its apps will receive the new features first.

In other tech-related news, WhatsApp’s new “Show Once” feature lets you send disappearing photos and videos.

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