McDonald’s back in court after violations

Authorities say a man convicted last year for harassing his ex-wife has repeatedly violated the terms of his deferred taxation.

Nathaniel McDonald, 36, appeared again in Lincoln County District Court on December 6 after Steve Watson, a probation and parole officer, recommended that his deferred tax sentence be reconsidered. McDonald’s alleged offenses include drug use and possession of a firearm under surveillance.

According to Watson’s report, McDonald’s started walking on thin ice early in his sentence.

“[McDonald has been on supervision since Dec. 21, 2020,” Watson wrote. “[He] had his first offense on January 22, 2021 and he bought coffee for the victim’s colleagues. I explained to him that he was pushing the limits and although he had not had contact with the victim, I did not agree with the behavior.

In April, Watson learned that McDonald was dating him again. He wrote in his report that he reminded McDonald’s to stay at his assigned address and keep authorities informed of his whereabouts, court documents show.

After that conversation, McDonald’s continued on the right path, Watson reported. In view of his compliance, authorities allowed him to go hunting in September, Watson wrote.

The violations, however, piled up again in late October, according to court documents. On October 26, Members of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office began investigating McDonald’s for allegedly tampering with a communications device. The next day, Watson met McDonald’s, who allegedly admitted to having recently smoked methamphetamine.

Authorities found a methamphetamine pipe on him, according to Watson’s report. They also discovered a Weatherby .270 rifle in his truck, according to court documents.

“[McDonald] was very honest and open about his bad behavior, ”Watson wrote. “He recognized that he needed chemical addiction treatment and mental health services.”

Watson reprimanded McDonald for three offenses: possession of a firearm, obeying local laws and ordinances, and using illegal drugs. Watson recommended that – if the court found McDonald in violation of the terms – he would be sentenced to the state’s Department of Corrections for five years with credit for time spent both on the streets and in the detention center. county.

He also suggested that McDonald get into the county processing program and confiscate his rifle at the sheriff’s office for a future auction.

McDonald denied the allegations in court on December 6. Court officials have scheduled a hearing for January 3.

While handing down the deferred taxation sentence last year, District Judge Matthew Cuffe stressed that the violations would be taken seriously. He also stressed that McDonald’s had to comply with a no-contact order between him and the victim.

McDonald’s came to the attention of authorities after his ex-wife accused him of installing electronic surveillance devices in her home in September 2020. As evidence, she handed over a device she found, telling authorities he had started broadcasting a voice while she was changing, according to court documents.

Members of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office described the device as consisting of a small black camera lens mounted on a cradle, with a charger and memory card attached. The victim told investigators it was the second such device she had discovered, according to court documents.

McDonald initially pleaded not guilty, but then made a deal with prosecutors.

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