Mizkif bursts into tears during emotional Twitch comeback just weeks after Maya split


Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo was reduced to tears at the start of his return stream on Twitch on October 5 as he reunited with fans two weeks after breaking up with longtime girlfriend Maya and taking a “much needed spell.” “away from streaming to face the break.

Two weeks after Mizkif revealed he would take an extended break after breaking up with longtime girlfriend Maya, the Twitch star returned to the livestream spotlight beginning of October.

It didn’t take long for the star’s emotions to surface, however, with Mizkif appearing on camera with tears already in his eyes after his streaming introduction. In response, his conversation was flooded with hearts and emotions.

“Oh my god man, I’m crying,” he mumbled.

“I don’t know what to say,” he admitted. “Sorry. Oh my god, chatting, that’s a lot. I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m crying… it’s a little embarrassing.”

Twitch: Mizkif

The 26-year-old stream star was reduced to tears upon her return to Twitch.

Mizkif has spent the past two weeks away from the streaming site following the end of his relationship, which marked the owner of One True King’s first real break from Twitch since his explosion in popularity in early 2020.

The 26-year-old told his fans that he and Maya are both going to “take a few weeks of streaming to process and take care of us.”

When the streamer retired in mid-September, he promised the surprise break would last “about two weeks.” However, this initial plan was eventually extended until early October.

“This is what I looked like twenty days ago,” Mizkif joked to his quick Twitch chat as he choked back tears. “Thanks guys [for this response] already.”

Mizkif and Maya Higa travel as a Twitch couple.
Twitter: Mizkif

Mizkif and Maya split last month after several years as a Twitch couple.

The emotional Twitch streamer continued, explaining that during his break-up from the Amazon-owned platform, he realized he had used it as an “outlet” as much as his fans were watching him for entertainment.

“I missed you guys [Twitch chat] so much, you have no idea.

“I even missed streaming so much. Really, I realized during my absence that it became an outlet for me, so much, ”he said, before laughing. “I have lost so many friends over the past 20 days because they are fed up with me! I had so much energy all the time. I train every day [to get it out].

“It has been madness the last few weeks. Absolutely fucking wild, and not having a good time. It was the worst time, really, for me. And I missed you all so much.

Halfway through his stream, Mizkif also touched on the biggest thing that was missing from his Twitch stream now that he’s back – Maya, who he says is “not coming back” despite her Twitch chat trying to do so. to exist.

“It’s so weird that it doesn’t work anymore,” he said.

“Such a strange feeling, knowing that she’s gone and probably won’t come back.” It’s even strange to realize that this is the reality of my life now. And I know it’s the same for her too. I always expect to turn around and she arrives with a cat she wants us to adopt that she found outside.

And, Mizkif made sure to cut down on recent rumors about the relationship with Pokimane: “Can you give a fuck about that? I don’t date everyone I’m friends with.

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