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In an age when meeting new people comes with many risks, dating can be difficult. But who could have stopped love? Advances in technology have made it possible for like-minded people to still be able to connect, albeit virtually. To navigate the complex cultural landscape of the world, it’s no wonder that dating apps that cater exclusively to certain communities are mushrooming everywhere. In this article, we focus on 11 popular Muslim dating apps that help individuals find the one in the age of physical distancing.

eHarmony: This dating app connects Muslim professionals in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. It matches daters according to their preferences and lays the groundwork for possible face-to-face interaction.

Muslim: With subscribers mainly from Algeria, France, UK and Saudi Arabia, Muslima is known for its strict verification process. It offers free and paid plans and matches users based on the answers they provide to a set of questions.

Muslim friends: Here for two decades, this Silicon Valley-incubated Muslim dating app is known for its affordable plans. Its main user base is from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Elitesingles: This app has five million users in the United States alone, most of whom are under the age of 30. It matches people based on their personal attributes and goals determined from the results of a test.

Muzmatch: The search for a soul mate is finely personalized in this app which helps you to match city, town, dress code, sect and number of times prayed per day. It is present in 190 countries with four million registered users.

Eshq: With its claim to empower women, this dating app is said to be popular among Muslim women. At the moment, it is only available for iPhone users. Besides dating, it also offers the possibility of finding friends.

Salams – Formerly known as Minder, Salams claims to offer halal, easy and safe dating. This Muslim dating app has made headlines for being baptized after the hugely popular dating app, Tinder. It offers the ability to find a mate based on education, sect, career, height, prayer levels and more.

Single Muslim: Taking user privacy a step further, this dating app with 2.5 million users offers restricted access to photographs.

Qirân: Known to be managed by a management team made up of Muslims, this product only accommodates heterosexual people. It belongs to the category of religious dating and has two million unique users.

Salam Love: Users have to take a short quiz to find their soul mate here. Salaam love is a network of Arab and Asian Muslim singles seeking marriage. Chat rooms, blogs and forums are available to facilitate research.

Muslim marriage: This is an Indian dating service. Users have the option to protect photos, phone numbers and horoscopes of other members.

User experience

A user of Shaheen Bagh from New Delhi, who was on MuzMatch, said that although he found love in a traditional and arranged way, the app helped him understand what he was looking for in a partner from life. “I had a great time meeting Muslims from all over the world, especially from European and African countries. The conversations were of a serious nature and we used to discuss various issues related to religion in our area. However, the interactions didn’t have the meaning and spark that I was looking for. The pandemic has also made it difficult to meet. There’s a reason it’s hard for Muslims to justify being on a dating app. ”

Empowerment of women?

A user from Mumbai told News18 how she found her soul mate on a dating app despite her parents’ plans to marry her to a relative. “I was not happy to receive a relative’s marriage proposal. When I shared my concerns with friends, they suggested that I should try to find my partner on a dating app. After some research, j I created profiles on Eshq, Muslim Matrimony and Salams App. I have been contacted by suitors from various states and found this one last November. Much to my pleasure, my parents also accepted it, who is a doctor by profession. We got married in January in Thane. “Muslim dating apps allow women to find a partner of their choice, but they should read the apps carefully before joining one,” added the young married man.

Confidentiality measures

Sayeed MA, who is the manager of Hyderabad-based E-Swift software, said, “A few Muslim dating apps like Eshq have a powerful user verification system. It is easy for anyone to create a fake profile on these apps. Every new user should be encouraged to link their social media accounts to the apps to weed out potential stalkers. Like the job portal, dating sites should have a user verification policy in which anyone providing false information is blocked. ”

Are meetings allowed in Islam?

To find the answer to this, we contacted a prominent Sunni cleric from Lucknow, Maulana Sufiyan Nizami Firangi Maheli from the Islamic Center of India.

He said: “Muslim users should not upload photos to social media and dating apps. The recent Sulli accords, in which Muslim women were “auctioned off,” shows why this should not be done. They can meet their favorite person and their families by wearing the hijab. Muslim bride and groom should meet and inform each other about their good and bad deeds. Before meeting through dating apps, people should carefully check the backgrounds of their partners. “

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