Mystery surrounding the archaeological digs near Boat Lane

Excavations have been taking place for two years, but rumors have recently circulated that there may have been the discovery of remains of an ancient building from the time of the abbey.

Wychavon District Council did not confirm any finds, but said it would reveal whatever it found next month.

Jim Burgin, heritage services manager for Wychavon District Council, said: “Archaeological work has taken place at a site in Boat Lane in Evesham over the past two years.

“This is a routine part of the planning process. The site is still being excavated.

“Once this is complete and we have the final report, we will be happy to share this information publicly.”

WN_110917_15 Paul Jackson 11.09.17 Evesham – Fields behind Evesham Leisure Centre, off Boat Lane.

The location where the excavations are taking place is the site of the controversial housing development plan which was approved in 2018.

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The request for 200 homes, submitted by Hallam Land Management, however, was met with stiff opposition, due to a perceived lack of detail, traffic and sewer issues as well as potential heritage damage.

The plan for 220 homes and a care home had already been submitted but was postponed to October 2017, before the care home and 20 homes were removed from the application.

Illegal metal detectors were also reported on the site which were spotted at night and subsequently reported to the police.

We have contacted West Mercia Police about the sightings.

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